“Holy Crap A Sale” A Look at Steam and Used Sales

"We all love buying things on sale. Steam knows this, and we let them raid our wallets every time they want to do a sale. Used games are another way gamers can save money. But what does this trend mean to gamers as consumers, and what impact does it have on developers?" - Joshua Poole

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CBaoth1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

This is pretty much a non-issue for Steam sales. On the surface 50-75% off sales might not seem to generate revenue for developers, they do; in fact almost as much as full-priced physical retail.

Don't believe me? Go watch Lorne Lanning/Stewart Gilray Eurogamer Expo 2012 on Youtube. Fast forward to the 4:30 mark. As an "indie" dev Oddworld Inhabitants make the same amount of money on a $10 game digitally distributed as they do on a $60 physical retail copy sold. Even using the author's example Sleeping Dogs, United Front Games made $3 off his $15 purchase.

The used game angle is far harder to quantify though. We'll never know an exact figure of how many people purchase a game used, fall in love with it, and then reward the developer by purchasing its sequel brand new. But one thing's for certain used game sales do expand the user base of an IP.