The Final Bosman - The Wii U is, in Fact, Next Gen

GameTrailers: "On this week's Final Bosman, Kyle foolishly asserts that the Wii U is next gen."

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PopRocks3591817d ago

I didn't expect this to be as balanced as it was. Congrats to Mr Bosman for proving me wrong.

ChickeyCantor1817d ago

Mr Bosman is awesome. Loved all of his eps so far.

stragomccloud1817d ago

This guy is pretty entertaining.

Rhaigun1817d ago

He is. He makes good points as well.

zerocrossing1817d ago

So can we move on from this argument now?

TongkatAli1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Why ? Because of this guy. People have free will and can think whatever they want as wrong as it is. To me the Wii U is next gen, but a weak next gen console compared to the other two coming up.

Power isn't not everything. You can be weak and smart and survive.

zerocrossing1817d ago

No, because the argument is stupid and has been from the beginning.

The Wii U IS a next gen console, it's Nintendo's latest console that simply could not have been developed "last gen" which therefore makes it "next gen" no matter how underpowered some gamers may claim it to be this is a fact.

I agree, but time will tell whether or not Nintendo made the right choice.

Thatguy-3101817d ago

I'm not a nintendo fan or planning on buying the wii u but I never understood this topic. Ever since I started gaming I always consider next gen being the next console a company comes out with whether it's powerful or not. It's basically the predecessor of the prior console.

RTheRebel1817d ago

Your on N4G ;)
home of the dumb drones lulz

falcon971817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

WiiU is powerful,it has edram on the MCM and edram cache right on the cpu cores,with a powerful gpgpu,a custom E6760 ??? very wiiu has superior chip RAM......yet no one talks about that ?

Ps4 has superior system RAM that's it and games show this as edram allows for higher resolutions ect....

McScroggz1817d ago

Am I the only one who gets a Michael Cera vibe from him?

As far as the topics in the seems pointless to argue them any further. There comes a time when one must accept that there are a group of people that have an opinion that opposes your and nothing you could say, no matter how eloquent, will alter those opinions.

GhostTurtle1817d ago

Ive never heard if this dude before. Was an interesting watch. Dude made some good points. Hats off to him!

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