Xbox One's ability to play in-development code has Minecraft-esque implications for gamers

Engadget: "Beyond benefitting indie devs, Whitten spoke to the implications of retail consoles running in-progress code could have on gamers."

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GraveLord1817d ago

Yay! We get to get broken games!

The current PC setup of betas is already bad enough.

Septic1817d ago

Proof that you can't please everyone =(

HammadTheBeast1816d ago

I hope you guys realize this is translated as : Open Betas.

lastofgen1817d ago

Lol, always something to complain about..

GraveLord1817d ago

Don't get me wrong, as long as they are free I have no problem with "betas" or whatever people want to call it.

deadfrag1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Actually betas like the ones on Steam were you get to buy a game in development and get directly in the beta its the best;help fixing bugs and give dev ideas its the best way to build solid and enjoyable experiencies!

cyguration1817d ago

Yes, I agree.

The only reason I haven't bought into any early-access games is because I don't have time to get involved with the community. But I do plan to do so at some point.

I like that Steam lets devs and gamers have a direct connection like that. It's such a great feature. I sure hope Microsoft doesn't screw it up on the Xbox One.

HammadTheBeast1816d ago

Because WarZ worked out so well.

n4rc1816d ago

Gotta agree with that..

Hell.. Counter-strike was in beta for years before it went retail.. And it was arguably one of the best and most popular online games ever made..

Making it easier to hold public betas is more then welcome.. Rather then the release and patch until profits dry up method of game development we have now.

GameCents1816d ago

Your tears, so bitter, so salty, and sweet. Keep em coming.

GraveLord1816d ago

Just my opinion. If you don't like it you can just silently hit disagree and bubble me down like everyone else. I won't lose any sleep.

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deadfrag1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Wow Microsoft is doing a favor to indies and hackers by making every Xboxone able to work like a developement kit and run developement code!Actually this new generation with x86 architecture will induce more piracy than ever.

ape0071817d ago

nice twist

clap clap clap

Hufandpuf1817d ago

I really hope MS has some restrictions on this because Hackers will have a field day if used improperly.

just_looken1817d ago

exactly its bad enough there using a already exposed windows server 2008 os aka windows 8 but now there consoles can run any code? even if they do put security up it better get updated all the time. But again the 360 was hacked in under a year so xbox one might be the same.

theWB271816d ago

I guess hackers are hackers for a reason since they can get into some pretty nifty encrypted super secret private matters huh? Give a hacker enough time and they can get into virtually anything.

JokesOnYou1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Yeah just don't complain when your $500 console is banned/bricked plus any other expenses involved just so you could try hacking, of course micro is going to have some very high tech detection/security features in place, they did for XNA which this is just an expansion on that platform that was used to create indie games for 360, that had no widespread piracy. So no ever going online for updates, live, purchases, and all the stuff this console was built to take advantage of. Now of course if you are 1 of the very few talented hackers you might have a chance to open it up voiding your warranty and tinkering around without mistakenly breaking anything but if you guys think every kid in his basement is going to be running pirated software on a $500+ console at the risk of 1 flaw turning it into a brick, that just 'aint happening.

MysticStrummer1816d ago

Hackers was the first thing I thought of when I heard about this. Seems like MS is taking a huge chance. We'll see how it works out.

GameCents1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Great for indies was the first thing that I thought of. Then again, my brain is not hardwired to negative spin towards all things Xbox.

MysticStrummer1816d ago

Sorry to bust up your stereotype party, but my brain isn't hardwired for negative XBox spin. That doesn't mean an obvious red flag will be ignored.

I've said Ryse looks like a cool game that I would enjoy if it came to PS4, which it won't, and I said the same about Titanfall.

If PS4 did this I'd say the same thing.

MS is taking a big chance.

Bigpappy1816d ago

Keep in mind that X1 runs 3 OS. It can easily block access to some areas of the system until the game is approved. I am sure they are full aware of what hackers can do.

Rhaigun1816d ago

No one is fully aware of what hackers can do. That's why they get into everything. Just ask the US government about what they thought China could do.

kingPoS1816d ago

Some just love a challenge.

annus1816d ago

"until the game is approved"

That makes zero sense in the development world. You think you need to go through MS to actually run the code you build? They would be getting requests from developers every few minutes to test out a simple snippet of code. There is something huge that MS aren't talking about, I bet there will be a lot of dissapointed indie devs come Gamescon.

Also, a little tip for hacking and software. If it can be built, it can be destroyed. MS can spend billions trying to stop it, but if they want an 'open' console, they aren't going to be able to prevent it for very long.

Mustang300C20121816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Exactly. Hmmm 13 years and counting and Xbox Live has not been hacked. For the slow fanboys that think hacking email accounts associated with Gamertags constitutes Live being hacked.

Bigpappy1816d ago

@annus: No. That is not what I an suggesting. What I am getting at, is that they could run software on a similar kernel with the obvious same soft ware with limited access to like a test sever, for example, rather that the real XBL and the real cloud. When it is approved M$ could enable the hidden access. Security can be setup to control developers access. They do this in all large corporations. But this is even easier to manage.

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thehitman1816d ago

I am 99% sure that you will have to buy a license still to make your own games etc.

LackTrue4K1816d ago

yep, and i believe this will be really REALLY expensive.

NegativeCreepWA1816d ago

XNA was $100 a year, that's actually really cheap for dev tools.

JokesOnYou1816d ago

btw as reported earlier Whitten said that it will be a simple process of visiting a website to sign up as a developer to set up your console as a devkit. This means to have this access in the first place they can track who you are, plus I imagine some detailed terms of service dev agreements for future scrutiny involved to ensure you are not hacking...again Im sure a few very smart people might still find work arounds but I dont expect to see most willing to do all that vs the risk.

DonFreezer1816d ago

Why aren;t you saying the same about Sony and self publishing?Are you that delusional?

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CanablisLives1816d ago

Huh, I remember reading somewhere that MS dropped Indie devs a while back on the 360...Guess you cannot believe everything you read on the rags

lgn151816d ago

That's cool but I hope hackers don't fuck this up. Give someone an inch and they'll take an mile.