LocoCycle's Xbox One version in development for less than six months

Shack News: "If Twisted Pixel's announcement of LocoCycle as an Xbox One launch title sounded sudden, that's because it hasn't been in development for very long. Originally created for Xbox 360, the next-gen version of LocoCycle has only had a development cycle (no pun intended) of about six months, meaning it won't utilize all of the Xbox One's exclusive features."

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Godmars2901730d ago

So how long has was the 360 version in development?

Dlacy13g1730d ago

well given LocoCycle was shown at E3 in 2012 you have to assume its been 2 years solid in development. How big a team was dedicated to this game is another question. Clearly its looking like sometime in mid 2013 there was a decision to push this into Xbox One. I could see this game winding up being a Xbox Live Gold perk for Xbox One to be honest.

Link to the annoucement:

Bigpappy1730d ago

Looks like a fun title. We need some arcade launch games. This fits the bill nicely. Want to see at least 4 more good ones.

Kanzes1730d ago

It's great that this game will run on 1080p 60fps on X1. I think it's a great job for an indie game

Bigpappy1730d ago

I think M$ owns them now though. So they have more help.

Cmk01211730d ago

is it a arcade game or full fledged 60 buck retail game?

Ksar1730d ago

Arcade title, it's made by Twisted Pixel (Splosion man)

PrimeGrime1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I still don't get this game. A guy being dragged by a transforming motorcycle the entire time. I am all for ridiculous ideas but really, what is this?

I think some developers are really crossing the line between fun and just completely stupid.

Minato-Namikaze1730d ago

So its the sharknado of video games? its gonna be so awful its good? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.