So How Much Does It Cost To Develop For PlayStation 4?

Microsoft has swung open the gates to indie developers by making the Xbox One a development kit in its own right. But how much does it cost to start creating indie games for Sony's rival PlayStation 4?

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pedrof931817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

And again Poligon bashing Sony. Making them sound like the evil team.

theWB271817d ago

Bashed them where? They actually painted them in a great light by saying Sony basically hands their loaner dev kits out like candy. It's like if people aren't worshiping Sony then they're dogging them. Get a grip...

Need4Game1817d ago

If Sony let Developer install Linux on PS4 for developing games, that'll be great.

GameNameFame1817d ago

Loaner Dev Kit is actually better. And Sony still have self publish.

Let me explain why loaner dev kit is better. MS is allowing you to use any xbox one as dev kit, but it wont be a full dev kit.

It will never happen because if you give full access to your Xbox One, you can just run back up pirated version of any game.

You can just bypass all the security. This is how PS3 Other OS worked. It gave you access to CPU, but it restricted access to GPU so you cant use the console to pirate.

As matter of fact, before PS3 got hacked only way to play backed up game was to use PS3 dev console.

This is the reason why MS cant give you full access dev kit code for regular X1.

The_Con-Sept1817d ago

Some articles sounds bad but end up being flamebait for the side it sounds like they are on. Fanboys fall for this trick a lot.

Pisque1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Lol. Talk to me about all the Xbox One bashing since the last 2-3 months.

KwietStorm1817d ago

You either didn't read *at all* or your comprehension needs some serious work. They didn't bash a single thing. They just told the details as it is.

Martywren1816d ago

Lol its sad some people dont read but quit to jump too conclusion.

HammadTheBeast1817d ago

Lol no ,$2500 for a dev kit's extremely cheap.

MWong1817d ago

Agreed especially compared to this console cycle.

I like the idea of loaner dev kits and the backend payment process. Very interesting article.

MoveTheGlow1816d ago

Yeah, this is a pretty mild-mannered article despite the angry comments here. It's looking like independent developers will have a good time on either console, and Sony is providing a ton of support. When the cost differences are projected to be this small, that only means good things for great indie devs and gamers without a solid PC.

Ju1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

It's not only the PS4 HW it also comes with all dev SW, compilers and all minus Visual Studio (which is only used as an editor anyhow) - but you can simply use Eclipse and configure a cross compiler. Debugger doesn't need VS anyhow. Also, samples, documents etc. is included.

Is MS telling us, VS and XBox specific header/libraries/sources are available for free?

Dlacy13g1817d ago

@pedrof93....clearly you didn't read the article. Its not bashing at all, but rather highlighting some of Sony good strides with Indies.

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Lucreto1817d ago

I think developers have to weight their options on what console they choose.

1. Pay Microsoft the few hundred they require but have to compete with the million clone games.

2. Pay Sony's higher fee and have far less competition.

It seems the best idea is to make a PS4 indie game get some credit for a good title and then make a Xbox One version.

Fireseed1817d ago

Yeah it's really problematic when I boot up my X1 and look for indie games but theirs so many clones... oh wait that's right.

Supermax1817d ago

Lol way to spin that one

susanto12281817d ago

Great indie game developers are not afraid of the "million clone games"

because they have followers and success from prior titles.

For them it's too easy

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