Watch Dogs Looked Better Without Guns

Sean Halliday of Gamer Euphoria writes:

''At last year’s E3, Ubisoft created a lot of buzz with the reveal of their next franchise, Watch Dogs. Its setting, plot and concept grabbed the attention of the audience because after all, its concept is extremely relevant to modern day issues. The demo shown allowed the game to convey its general themes and tone to the audience thanks, in part, to its pace and atmosphere. And the demo focused on the hacking aspect of Watch Dogs, also. In summary, the buzz it generated was immense.''

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Becuzisaid1547d ago

It all depends in how you want to play it.

mattdillahunty1547d ago

agreed. i'm hoping they have choices so that i can approach situations the way i want. i wouldn't mind if the option to go in guns blazing is there, as long as options like stealth, hacking, etc are there.

Heisenburger1547d ago

Exactly my sentiments.

What happens if you are 'stealthing' and you get caught red-handed?

Boom. Gun.

PhantomT14121547d ago

They said you won't be able to complete the main storyline without using guns at all.

Pisque1547d ago

Democrats should make a law

SeanScythe1546d ago

Yeah this is Chicago after all. With the strictest gun laws in a city where you can find a gun around any corner, because the criminals don't seem to care about laws.

nick3091547d ago

Without guns it would've been assassins creed in modern times.

kratos_TheGoat1547d ago

my biggest fear about this game is after you beat the game will it be blend like gta 4

Psychotica1547d ago

I find it odd they don't really talk about what things you can do outside of the missions. When you compare this to GTA V, GTA V appears to have much more things to do than Watch Dogs.

kratos_TheGoat1547d ago

R* learn their mistake. love the story in gta 4, but after I beat the game it was blend. thanks to the trophy I 100% it.

webeblazing1547d ago

him being in Chicago doing what he do without a gun will seem unbelievable and dumb. Its one of the most dangerous cities in the US. but i get what he mean its hard to have any story in the modern setting with illegal activity happening without a gun.

kingPoS1547d ago

As much as I hate to admit it Chicago can be a bit... unsafe.

Watch out for those police cruisers, they tend to often go against traffic when hunting precised threats. lol

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