Yakuza 1&2 HD for Wii U Demo Footage in 1080p

Playeressence - Check out nearly one hour of footage from Yakuza 1&2 HD for Wii U in 1080p.

Yakuza 1&2 HD launches August 8th in Japan. No release date has been set for western territories. Can this game help Wii U sales? We’ll find out soon.

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The_Truth_24_71760d ago

wii u and 1080P? It's not April 1st.

nick3091760d ago

Anyone who wants the ps3 version should import and use english walktrough for the ps2 games. Same with kenzan, khhsubs made a youtube guide for it.

ChickeyCantor1760d ago

Sounds fun, I mean mimicking a video to finish a game...The adventures we shall have!!

nick3091760d ago

Better then waiting for something that wont come in english.

ChickeyCantor1760d ago

It isn't nick, it completely ruins the point of booting up the game. Just watch the videos then.

nick3091760d ago

Well i completed all the japanese yakuza games and i can assure you for yakuza 1&2 it was ok playing then running the cutscenes. Maybe its because i use it on my ipad that it gets more fun to watch.. If anyone has a tablet / smartphone he can watch it fine without switching or going to the pc.

DarkBlood1760d ago

hope a wiiu version or a ps3 version hd collection makes it way over here id love to pick that up before i play any of the others after it

Craigatorian1760d ago

I want this for Ps3, Ive wanted to play Yakuza for so long but need to play first two games since they're hard to find.

rataranian1760d ago

Looks so good. Id buy it again in hd if it came to the US.

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