Armored Core: Verdict Day first look - building a better bot | OXM UK

OXM UK: "The Armored Core series has never been particularly welcoming to newcomers. A mech-based action franchise with a focus on tactics, dizzying customisation, and more menus and stats than story elements, it's always seemed better suited to people who design jet engines than people who play videogames."

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Bigpappy1939d ago

I have actually never played one of these. I like mech's, but in arcade mode. This game seems to focus on piloting the things. I just want to out gun and out maneuver the enemy.

dirigiblebill1939d ago

They're really good, but as with Dark Souls, you've got to get over the entry threshold. It's nice to see the focus on multiplayer, because one thing the series has never done well (since PS1 days, anyway) is quality AI or single player mission structure.