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IGN: "Dota 2 is an ocean-deep pool of rewarding nuance and strategy, but it will drown newcomers."

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_QQ_1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Amazing game. Tough to learn is a flaw? nah the depth is what makes the game so great, should be a 10/10 for being the best online experience this gen second only to StarCraft2.

Fireseed1824d ago

I think it largely has to do with they "launched" it without finishing the tutorials.

R_aVe_N1824d ago

That is kind of lame. For as long as this game was in beta they could have at least finished the game...

MrSolaire1824d ago

They did finish the tutorials. They show you Dragon Knight and Sniper and show you the basics of the game and slowly lean you into online multiplayer with one of the newer game modes.

There's a ton of stuff Valve of course isn't teaching new players. Heroes with invisibility powers seem to perform the highest in lower bracket games simply because new players don't look at all the items. Do they buy sentry wards? Dust? I don't think I've seen many new players actually look in the shop before leaving to their lane.

Also Sniper is a bad hero. Stop picking him, new players.

_QQ_1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Yeah but the tutorials really don't help much, Experience is how you get better at this game. Best way to learn the game, befriend an experienced player, have him show you the ropes.

@MR.solaire Yeah the biggest problem i feel is new players probably get discouraged from playing supports as supports die easily in the hands of a noob.

Fireseed1824d ago

To clarify when I say they did not finish them is that they did announce EVERY SINGLE hero would be getting a tutorial on how to play them. So no they did not finish all of them and the one's in the game are helpful to an extent, but you largely need to do research on your own in order to learn everything. For example, magic immunity doesn't mean full immunity. It's not very apparent to new players they activate a BKB and suddenly get Doomed. It's just those small things that need to be explained in detail.

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Rushing_Punch1824d ago

It's a pretty good game. Maybe I'll take another look at it now that it has launched. League pretty much won me over though...

R_aVe_N1824d ago

It is a decent game I just can't find a character that I enjoy playing. I find I like the characters more on LoL.

Fireseed1824d ago

It's SO good, I mainly play LoL but I can't go a week without getting in some NP, and Axe games.