Indie Devs Say Xbox One Self-Publishing Is ''A Move In The Right Direction''

Reports surfaced earlier today that Microsoft would make Xbox One publishing more like that of the iOS App Store by, for example, removing costs that Xbox 360 developers incur to release software updates, setting their own prices and allowing retail Xbox One units to serve debug kits.

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The_Infected1549d ago

It's a great thing for sure. Xbox One is getting all the good news now.i also like all their E3 games to. I thought the all looked great and Titanfall while not the best looking game it looked very fun. I may get a Xbox One if they show some more goodness at Gamescom.

die_fiend1549d ago

Seems a little late to be telling this news no? After loads of developers have bad mouthed them recently. This should have been broadcast loud and clear on day one. How many new features have they been announcing these past few days? Do they know E3 has just happened? Seem to be scrambling to add new features with whatever they can patch together

WhyHate1549d ago

You talk about what you have to so as not to give the competition an edge. The console race doesn't start until both systems are released...

Fireseed1549d ago

Little late? The consoles aren't out yet are they?

BluEx6101549d ago

Better late then never to be honest. Imagine if they kept their DRM, and no self publishing policies lol. As of right now MS has a long way to go still. But at least they're trying to make it more developer friendly...

Hopefully it doesn't take long for Xbox One gamers to play Transistor, The Witness, and Outlast etc...

PS4 will get the games they showed off at E3 first since they got the Console exclusive debut deals with the indie devs.

Gamers/Developers win from this type of news. The lack of indie support was one of my biggest gripes of Xbox One. Now my only gripe is mandatory Kinect. If they show off Kinect more, than I might be inclined to get an Xbox One. But as of right now they showed me nothing to persuade me into that purchase.

With indie support I can see more done to Kinect, but only time will tell if they're going to convince me Kinect is a game changer...

ArmrdChaos1549d ago

Not to mention they have a number of shows slated through the rest of the year. They would like to have something to reveal at each show and maintain momentum all the way up to November.

gamer78041549d ago

They didn't take 1 step. They took 2. Retail xboxs can also be used as dev kits, that is a huge.

die_fiend1548d ago


Not out yet? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! Did you know that people are actually making games for the console, like, now?! Omg right?!

You suggest waiting til launch until you mention you're not shunning all indie secs who have already spoken out about it. They've got bad press in recent times due to waiting so long. Back to school please pal

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pompombrum1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

While it's good news, it shouldn't even be news to begin because Microsoft shouldn't have been so pushy in the first place. It's nice that they've listened but very much like the DRM/mandatory connection check 180, this whole fiasco still has left a bitter taste in my mouth and it isn't enough to make me regain my confidence in Microsoft.

Having said that though, it's good for indie developers overall so regardless of the fact my opinions of Microsoft haven't changed, it's good for the gaming community.

Pisque1549d ago

It's better, but we don't know everything yet. Will it cost something to get those dev kits? Will we have some kinds of restrictions, etc.

For now, I'm just waiting because MS is the king when it comes to half promises

n4rc1549d ago

People do realize that nothing done is too late.. They haven't even begun marketing the consoles.. They can freely change or update policies all they want.. Nobody has bought anything yet

pompombrum1549d ago

but but but, you can't just flip a switch!

n4rc1548d ago

Lol.. Those of us that sit on here reading up on everything are like 2% of total consumers..

I'm betting the majority of consumers weren't even aware of the changes..

Gamer19821549d ago

Good news but this isn't happening from day 1, may not happen for a long time. They have said it won't be there from day 1 so how long will it take? Well I'm still waiting for that app for my PC they advertised back at E3 2006 for Forza 2 cars to design logos. Anybody remember that? Yeah.. MS does a lot of talking but not a lot of walking.. Like the family plan..

theWB271549d ago

Within the first year of the console release.

You're waiting on an app from 2006 for Forza 2 when you can create the logo in-game? Stretching much?

The Family was aborted cause people complained about the DRM. That was a product of customer out cry and they relented. Now it's their fault people didn't want the whole package?

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Ksar1549d ago

Getting better and better.

SuperLupe1549d ago

Absolutely terrible news for the N4G crowd though.

majiebeast1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

If you dont like it you could always leave you bitch so much about the "n4g crowd" i dont see anyone pointing a gun at your head saying you should stay.

MariaHelFutura1549d ago

What are you talking about? This is great news for those buying X1. I'm happy for you. It doesn't change what I think of Microsoft, but it's a step in the right direction for their fanbase.

abzdine1549d ago

good news indeed for future owners, i just know i'm not one of them.
but it's fun the same people were saying indie games is shit it's not a big deal and now it's the best news ever.

M-M1549d ago

Funny how you say that, last time I checked you were apart of the N4G crowd as well. If you weren't, you wouldn't be posting here.

dark-hollow1548d ago

@majiebeast and the rest.

If you are so bothered by people complaining about the huge crowds of Sony fanboys who comes to every Xbox one article and share with us their "wisdom" then simply you and the others stop coming to articles about a console that you people have no intention of buying. Nobody's holding a gun on all of you forcing you to buy an Xbox one.

See? It works both ways.

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SuperLupe1549d ago

A lot of peoples PS4 exclusive list is going to be a whole lot shorter now since all those f2p and indie games will be going multiplat.

mushroomwig1549d ago

Not really, there are plenty of people who will only be buying a PS4.

GameCents1548d ago

Not really a response to what he said is it?

MonChiChi1549d ago

Just stop. Sony out did MS in exclusives if you don't count the million kinect games they released. They will do it again this gen. This is what makes the Sony brand so strong, the exclusives.

For me my exclusives list is just waiting to expand once the likes of Naughty Dog and others start talking about their next gen games.

HammadTheBeast1549d ago

Planetside 2, DCUO, Mercenary Kings, Octodad, The Witness.

Maybe you should cut out Titanfall and Dead Rising as well, since they're going multiplat as well.

Before you say no, Mass Effect.

theWB271549d ago

Mass Effect isn't a good example. Bioware was independent when it released and then EA bought them up. ME 2 and 3 weren't published by Microsoft so it was a given they would come once that acquisition happened.

There's speculation to how Mass Effect 1 came to PS3...I'm guessing Microsoft got a nice little payment from EA in order to make that happen.

In the case of Dead Rising...the first never came to a different console, the second did, so is it to far fetched to believe it went back to exclusivity?

WeAreLegion1549d ago

I'm sure Warframe will go multi-plat, but Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online are Sony IP's.

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