Final Fantasy XIV Director Teases Challenging Battles; Voice Acting Will Be Available in Open Beta

A couple days ago Square Enix released three mysterious screenshots of the content that will be available in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn when the open beta will open its floodgates some time next month.

Today Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida took to the beta forum to explain what those screenshots are all about, giving a glimpse on some of the more challenging content that players will soon have to brave.

It was also shared that voice acting will be added to the game with the open beta.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141824d ago

Might end up getting this after all.Was just recently getting back into DCUO but man, after that ridiculous update today this might just be it for me and DC.

Hold me, XIV, hold me and don't let go.

Abriael1824d ago

You and me as well, only difference is that my body has been ready for three years :D

Need4Game1824d ago

Send your Voice Acting recording and help make the game more Immersive!

abzdine1824d ago

if the subscription is cheap enough and the game is good i could give it a try on PS4

Lovable1824d ago

I believe its $15 dollars per month?

jimmywolf1824d ago

12.99 + $1.00 per alt but their not really a need too make a alt's as one toon can swap to any job after level 10

Drabent1824d ago

Hurry with the freaking phase 4 plz!

VanguardOfCalamity1824d ago

anyone know if u will be able to have Japanese audio and English sub titles ?? :D

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