Industry Insider: David Goldfarb on Killzone “bullshots,” knowing Bad Company 2 will be big & more

Pixel Enemy: Industry Insider: David Golfarb on Killzone “bullshots,” knowing Bad Company 2 will be big & more

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Thirty3Three1489d ago

Just saying, they're not "Bullshots" for Mercenary.

Many got the preview beta codes and played it for themselves. They said it looks even better than the screenshots. So nope, no bullshots there!

Hatsune-Miku1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Calling bullshots when theyre not is a compliment. Killzone mercenary looks amazing and I cant wait to buy the retail version

Time and time again a lot of people are in disbelief over killzones graphics so its understandable but I would have thought people would learn when killzone graphics surpasses wild dreams

Thirty3Three1489d ago

Me too! I'm super stoked! :)

Ju1489d ago

You know this guys isn't talking about Mercenary but his involvement in Killzone 2 - where he briefly made a comment he joined Guerilla after they showed the "bullshots" for KZ2.

xReDeMpTiOnx1489d ago

Yeah what thirty three said. All te previews have been plaguing this site today and nothing but praise and goodness has been said.

And the graphics from a portable standpoint are amazing

Thirty3Three1489d ago

Thanks Redemption :) I agree!

Corpser1489d ago

Why are you two talking about mercenary?

It's about killzone 2, the now famous E3 bullshot trailer that looks nothing like the actual game

Minato-Namikaze1489d ago

yeah, cause K2 looks better than the trailer in most parts.

Corpser1489d ago

Guerilla admitted it was bullshot, graphics may be close but not the animations

Thirty3Three1489d ago

"JUST SAYING". I know it was irrelevant, but I wanted to state it anyway. I see no issue with that.