Famitsu reveals Medarot DUAL screenshots, magazine scans inside

Project Rising Beetle: "Famitsu’s website has shared our first screenshots for Medarot DUAL. Unfortunately, their coverage of the game doesn’t share more information than what we already know. We’ve also included some magazines scans (more like magazine snapshots) from the issue that reveals some new player characters, as well as some returning characters from Medarot 7. Speaking of which, it appears the game uses the Medarot 7 graphics engine."

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Need4Game1941d ago

More Medabots, More Power !

r211941d ago

Hungh, the nostalgia. Loved the first season. The second one was pretty meh.

BlackWolf1941d ago

Man, this brings back memories of my childhood. I love Medabots!!

majiebeast1941d ago

Medabots is still a thing in Japan?

I had the 2 GBA games the jrpg and the battle arena one they were good games.

r211941d ago

If they bring back the RPG Medabots from the good old GBA days, Ill be happy as a clam :D