Where Did the JRPG Go?

GeekParty's Shelby Reiches writes: "Starting out in a JRPG always used to hit me with this tingling rush, my taste for adventure whet, my interest in the goings on piqued by writing that aimed to infuse its characters with strong, apparent personalities."

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bicfitness1818d ago

To the portable and mobile space. More than a few stragglers on the PS3 - Atelier, Neptunia, Ni No Kuni, Xillia, etc - and "X" on the Wii U. That's about it for HD consoles.

Brucis1818d ago

Portables mainly, such as the PSP, DS, 3DS and Vita.

XboxFun1818d ago

There are a crap load for portables. I think a lot of JRPG developers got scared with the whole HD consoles and having to pretty up their games.

But lets hope this changes with the new consoles. Graphics aren't everything.

Lovable1818d ago

True. But seriously, would you pay $60 dollars for a PS2 graphics in HD when you can buy Western RPG games with top notch graphics?

XboxFun1818d ago

Yea, I can see where you are coming from. I probably wouldn't, but if it's a game like Earthbound or FF III(NA) I would gladly buy a crap ton digitally for a fair price.

Lovable1818d ago

I agree. But classics like that are rarity nowadays. You will probably see one in handhelds.

kalkano1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Yes, I would. I'd be thrilled for that. Can we finally join the PS3 gen, 7-8 years later, now that PS4 is coming out?

rainslacker1818d ago

I would. Depending on the quality of the game of course. That $60 would probably provide a lot more game play and content than most other $60 games that get released each month.

Graphics don't have to be amazing, and with JRPG anime graphics being simpler by default, there is no reason why these games can't release on the home console and still sell. People who like this kind of stuff don't need Advent Children quality CG visuals. just a strong story, fun game play, and likable characters. That's the reason they sell so well on portables...because there is a market for it. In the case of JRPG's, the market went to handhelds because that's where the games were that they wanted to play. No different than in the PS1 and PS2 days when people moved to Sony from Nintendo.

These past few years PS3 has been getting quite a few good JRPG's, mostly through the efforts of Atlus and NISA. I am very thankful for it because their absence was quite noticeable the first 3-4 years of the PS3's life. I hope and pray that the PS4 does not suffer this same problem, and would love a resurgence of the PS1/2 glory days of having to pick which one to get as opposed to waiting months for the next one to come out. This year though has been pretty good for them.

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specialguest1818d ago

Yeap. A lot of those jrpg devs don't have the square-enix budget to go HD console graphics standards. I'm hoping when next-gen is here, they should at least develop current gen level graphics games.

dcj05241818d ago

Its ironic because the VITA is HD so they kind of have to do it anyway.

Lord_Sloth1818d ago

You could have chosen a better picture.

JoshEngen1818d ago

Are you sure? That seems like an almost perfect picture.

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