Sexism in Gaming: The True Story, as Told by a Booth Babe

"After modeling in Europe and Asia, I was able to get back to gaming again. It was near impossible to travel frequently with a gaming rig. Stateside, in 2005, I got my first promotional gig working The Legend of Zelda booth at E3, where I had the amazing luck to meet Miyamoto my first day!" - PSLS

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ftwrthtx1822d ago

Great interview. Yvonna seems to grasp the concepts of booth babes well and the market as a whole.

decimalator1822d ago

yeah, she definitely sounded like she understands the business

Foolsjoker1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

It is great to hear from someone who is actually going through the issues, as opposed to people just trying to talk about things they have no idea about.

cleft51822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

This was a great article and Yvonna brought up a lot of points that I didn't think about before. Also I like the term "Brand Ambassador", I think that's a much better way of describing someone who is there to present a game or franchise and do more than just stand around and look pretty.

MysticStrummer1822d ago

Charisma +2 is an awesome name for her agency, and bringing in women that actually know and enjoy gaming, at least to some extent, is a great idea.

Also, she used the word "poppycock".


Pisque1822d ago

Seems hypocritic to be against sexism when you sell your body to an industry.

doctorstrange1822d ago

You didn't read it, and selling your body is a bit extreme

TekoIie1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I think that what he's trying to say is they're not there for their intellect (although this article talks about changing that).

But otherwise "selling your body" is not accurate but not entirely false either.

"Charisma+2 models are gamers that are not only fans, but can interact with the customers. Many times our models are set to play alongside, or against, the customer in a much more interactive experience than the standard booth."

I hope this is the future of booth babes^^^

Killa781822d ago

Are they there for a reason other than to look good and bring in 'foot traffic'?

Granted it's slightly extreme but the reason they're there is pretty evident.

Foolsjoker1822d ago

Actually, a brand ambassador aka "Booth Babe" does a better job when they understand the product. As some people just stand there drooling, others are asking questions about the product themselves.

Foolsjoker1822d ago

You might actually benefit from reading the article before opening your mouth. Then again, I doubt that would have still saved us from your drivel.

Brucis1822d ago

Not really. Looking pretty or handsome while playing games doesn't mean you can't be against unfair treatment due to gender. She actually seems to know what she's talking about unlike a lot of people that cry sexism. She acknowledges that both genders in video games are often taken to extremes and that having someone take a picture of you or flirt with you isn't the same as being sexually harassed, molested, or denied a job because of your gender.

Jayjayff1821d ago

Only if you don't understand what being a hypocrite is, you would think that to be against sexism couldn't work with being a model.

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Lord_Sloth1822d ago

I know! Look at the way these characters shamelessly put their bodies on display!!!


Brucis1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Did you read the article and how she said the same thing happens with guys in video games as well? She's not some Kotaku feminazi crying about cleavage, she's actually pretty much telling those people to shut up and stop crying because someone said you look hot or there was a busty character in a videogame.

@Lord_Sloth below
Ah, my bad lol. Hard to establish intent on the internet.

Lord_Sloth1822d ago

My comment was meant to be humerous and nothing more. Laugh and move along.

Nevers0ft1822d ago

Ironically... I skipped the article and fapped to the pics. Best advice I can give is don't give me boobs to look at if you want to talk about misogyny as I'm still a slave to my primitive chromosomes O_o

0pie1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

im really tired to see cheap sensationalist article about how the industry is sexist...

Brucis1822d ago

It's actually a good article saying most of the stuff is overblown and out of proportion.

cleft51822d ago

This is not a cheap sensationalist article like the rest. I highly recommend you read it. It's very well written and from the perspective of a women that is doing something real within the gaming industry.

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