n00bketeers 129: I’m a Gho00-o-0–0o-oo-0st - "I (beez) sincerely apologize for this episode coming out couple weeks after it was recorded, but when you are on vacation you tend to shove things like this onto the back-burner. This is just a good ol’, classic n00bs with your hosts, Britt, Boots and Beez. Thanks for waiting!

As always, send in your questions/comments to [email protected] to get your own MS Paint picture, and you too will be entered into the n00bketeers Listener Hall of Fame!"

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beezball1671d ago

I wish I knew what this was in reference to.

Me-Time1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )


Wait. You "wish" you knew what this article was about :). Are you that arrogant :)? It's a podcast :D. I let the FIRST comment know what it was. Wow. Learn how to learn to learn before you look stupid.

beezball1662d ago

I'm sorry you went on a tangent. That response wasn't to you, it was to inthezoneac. I was saying I wish I knew what he was saying "um what?" to. I published the article, so if there was something wrong with it I just wanted to know what it was.