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n00bketeers 129: I’m a Gho00-o-0–0o-oo-0st

n00bketeers.com - "I (beez) sincerely apologize for this episode coming out couple weeks after it was recorded, but when you are on vacation you tend to shove things like this onto the back-burner. This is just a good ol’, classic n00bs with your hosts, Britt, Boots and Beez. Thanks for waiting!

As always, send in your questions/comments to n00bketeers@vagary.tv to get your own MS Paint picture, and you too will be entered into the n00bketeers Listener Hall of Fame!" (3DS, Culture, Gran Turismo 6, Industry, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Tech, The Last Of Us, The Walking Dead - 400 Days, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

InTheZoneAC  +   613d ago
um what?
Me-Time  +   613d ago
because podcast.
beezball  +   612d ago
I wish I knew what this was in reference to.
Me-Time  +   612d ago

Wait. You "wish" you knew what this article was about :). Are you that arrogant :)? It's a podcast :D. I let the FIRST comment know what it was. Wow. Learn how to learn to learn before you look stupid.
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beezball  +   604d ago
I'm sorry you went on a tangent. That response wasn't to you, it was to inthezoneac. I was saying I wish I knew what he was saying "um what?" to. I published the article, so if there was something wrong with it I just wanted to know what it was.

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