1985FM - TMNT: Out of the Shadows "Arcade Mode" Preview

After the success of Nickelodeon's TMNT animated show, Red Fly Studio's interpretation of everyone's favorite mutated, pizza loving, ninjas may be surprising at first glance. With TMNT: Out of the Shadows, Lead Designer Chris Frechette wants to bring the foursome back to the audience it originally grew up with. Rough reptilian skin, signature martial arts moves, and a classic four-player mode take nostalgic notes from the cartoon, movies and games that began in the late 80s.

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BootHammer1791d ago

Been waiting for this release...big fan of the TMNT franchise. Everything shown so far has looked very promising.

Deadpool6161791d ago

I'm a big fan of the TMNT franchise as well. They're the ones who got me addicted to pizza.'s so good.

BootHammer1791d ago

LOL, nice GIF. I agree pizza and TMNT go hand in hand.

Jagsrock1791d ago

Looking really good especially for $14.99.

Cursinguser1791d ago

Yeah, I'm really happy with the game is turning out so far. It's well beyond what I was expecting from a 14.99 downloadable title. Red Fly Studio seems to really be passionate about the franchise.