Nomura: Final Fantasy XV will retain the feeling of an “old school” Final Fantasy

Last month at E3, Square Enix not only surprised the world by revealing the title now known as Final Fantasy XV, but also used the event to reveal the long-anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. While we’ve learned much about both games in the weeks prior, many have started to wonder if director Tetsuya Nomura would be able to keep his promises from interviews past. Though Nomura himself is one of few words, Final Fantasy World had a chance to catch up with him at Japan Expo to discuss both titles while fielding some unique questions.

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Abash1767d ago

I trust Nomura to undo the damage that the FFXIII series did to the brand

Neoninja1767d ago

I agree. I'm really looking forward to FF15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 for that matter.

All I ask is they have likeable characters, a great story, and exploration. Things that 13 lacked in my opinion.

Funnymonkey0131767d ago

Completely agree yo X13 series has the worst chars. And story by far in a JRPG games the chars were beyond annoying and just wanted them to dye at the end. Story was complete crap that makes no fucking sense and just boring as hell. Anyway I'm really excited 4 XV as that's looks like what a true FF game should be like with really kool looking and interesting chars. And a exciting dark story to boot as well.

Craigatorian1767d ago

I liked Final Fantasy XIII, not the greatest thing it could have been, but more solid than other RPGs out in the 360/PS3 market.

Godmars2901767d ago

With two direct sequels already planned, I'll have to wait and see...from my pit of negativity...

user55757081767d ago

i trust him as well but IMO to get back a true "old school" feel to the final fantasy series we need to see a retro style final fantasy like Final Fantasy I-VI

TheDivine1766d ago

God I've been dying for a beautiful sprite based FF. The 3ds would be perfect for one IMO. Even with something like 15 they could still do old school things like an airship, world map exc. Ni No Kuni is the perfect example of a modern jrpg that still feels "classic" if you will. Its like a HD snes rpg. It isn't hard, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Tales all had a world map, airships, boats, exc. keep some staples of the series around. Just because tech moved on doesn't mean we always want a seamless open world, action battles, or things of that nature.

But yes any old school FF would rock. A FF6 remake seems ripe for the picking.

iamtehpwn1767d ago

It will never cease to make me laugh how "Where's Versus XIII??? Versus XIII will be a TRUE Final Fantasy game" has some how mysteriously turned into "Final Fantasy XV will ruin Final Fantasy forever because it is not turn based."

Godmars2901767d ago

More like Square Enix has never shown the ability to make a FF titles on par to Squaresoft.

Really, besides Crisis Core, they've only strived towards generalization of character and world. Something they could make endless sequels of.

Outside_ofthe_Box1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

And this pretty much solidifies FFXV being the Final Fantasy game we have been waiting for since FFX.

I know a good portion of fans want turn based battle system, but when they eventually pick up XV they will realize that XV is indeed the direction Final Fantasy needed to go.

Nomura is pushing FF in a new direction that FF needs to go all while retaining the old school FF feel. Can't get much better that. FFXV is looking good.

Darrius Cole1766d ago

I think I am about at the point where all I want is a date. I've been waiting on this game for 7 years and they haven't even told me when it is releasing.

At this rate they are going to have me waiting for 10 years. Somehow I have a problem with knowing that I have been waiting for a game for 10 years.

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Pisque1767d ago

Another reason to not buy FFXV, along with that B-series storyline

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

What are you talking about?. How is Nomura making a Final Fantasy game that feels like an old school FF game a reason to not buy it?. My entire body hurts from reading such a ridiculous comment.

CarlosX3601767d ago

I agree with everything this guy said. ^

Flipgeneral1767d ago

The trailer at e3 did invoke "old school" FF feelings. Looks like a new direction to me!

Snookies121767d ago

You already know it has a B-series storyline? Wow, so you already played the game then? That's awesome, you're pretty special to have played a game with no release date yet!

Trolling's bad, m'kay?

Funnymonkey0131767d ago

Dude STFU really old school FF games kills every new FF games release so far and X13 series is by far the worst piece of shit that ever existed in a FF game. Ur comment is nothing but complete BS now go and get ur shitty brain fixed would ya:)

Lord_Sloth1767d ago

Yes, we should all play Grade A marine stories where the plot twist is always...

Zezo1767d ago

I bet he never played a final fantasy game before and he's just talk crap.

CarlosX3601767d ago

lol. You and I think alike. I didn't realize someone else posted that until I posted mine.

noctis_lumia1767d ago

or he started with 13 lol

wishingW3L1767d ago

I too think that's the most believable theory... His first FF was 13.

CarlosX3601767d ago

You obviously have not played any of the Final Fantasy games.

What a ridiculous comment.

BlaqMagiq241767d ago

Guessing you never played a classic Final Fantasy How bout playing one before saying that?

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Dj7FairyTail1767d ago

Not with that Battle System and no playable Female Characters!

Screw you Square Enix. Square Soft man I missed them.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1767d ago

When asked about female characters at one point he said he can't talk about that at the moment so to me that means there will be at some point perhaps. Yes the battle system is an action style but we get towns,airships,world map, NPC's to talk to, and chocobo's not to mention much more so I would definitely say this is going to feel like a classic Final Fantasy game.

LordNikon1767d ago


Did u even read? He didn't say this will be JUST like an OLD SCHOOL Final Fantasy game. He said he wants to give it SOME of that old school Final Fantasy feel. In other words, elements from the previous games will be present in this game. Like a world map, traversing the world map, chocobo's, towns, and ecetera. An action-based FF game can still give players that nostalgia.

Dj7FairyTail1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

It not giving me any nostalgia feel from what I seen.

And where did I say it will be the same.
Quote on Quote

LordNikon1767d ago

You're misunderstanding. The trailors that were shown showed nothing that its descendants were loved or popular for, like a open world, exploring cities, chocobo's or whatever elements gives u that FF feel. But Nomura said that some of that will be in the game, it just wasn't in the portion that was shown in the E3 trailors.

Read properly dude. I never said that u said that it will be the same. But u did imply that this game isn't "old school", which is what i was addressing.

Eamon1767d ago

Have any of you guys played Crisis Core?

That was an action jrpg and it reeked of nostalgia and 'old-school FF.'

It definitely is possible. Even with a completely different battle system.

Dj7FairyTail1766d ago


Are you sure you played the pass FF games because it seems like you haven't.

World Map =/= Open World
If it doesn't plays like FFIV-X it ain't worst my time.

LordNikon1766d ago


Are you sure you are reading my comments properly? Because it doesn't seem like it as you seem to be completely missing my point's.

The game IS going to have a world map and will be open world. The only thing that's vastly different is the battle system. They already confirmed years ago that outside the place where the trailors took place, will be a traditional FF world.

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ape0071767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

im not a fan of JRPG or WRPG but i played some RPG games and one of them was FF10, it's the only FF game that i have played and what a game that was, one of the best games on ps2. period, my friends say that the series went downhill since 10 but i really have no right to judge because im not a huge fan

so i hope this FF turns good for all u FF and RPG fans :)

Brucis1767d ago

FFX was pretty good, yeah. FFXI was an incredibly popular MMO, FFXII I liked but was pretty debated among fans. FFXIII is generally disliked, at least in the west, for lack of exploration, towns and other FF staples. FFXIII-2 fixed the exploration part and made the gameplay more fun, but the story was kinda lacking IMO and there were only two permanent party members with other slots being taken up by monsters you recruited.

wishingW3L1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

FF13-2 didn't fix crap, it was even worse than the first. Worse story, worse music, worse characters, same retarded battle system....

CarlosX3601767d ago

FFX is JRPG. Any game before FFX was pure JRPG.

Benjammin251767d ago

I'll believe it when I see it. But I do trust this guy. He actually gives a shit about the games he makes.

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