Call Of Duty Ghosts vs Battlefield 4: The Defining Difference

Ever since the release of Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and Battlefield Bad Company, there's been a distinct difference between the two types of first person shooter player, those that prefer the yearly iteration of Call Of Duty, and those that adore the rich offerings of the Battlefield games. What is the defining difference between these games? And why do gamers get so irate when defending their choice in this war of the modern shooter?

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SeanScythe1846d ago

I Stopped reading after, "Of course the core of every Call Of Duty game is the multiplayer, something they excel in more so than any other game on the market."

Megatron3161846d ago

cod lacks depth like the game feels empty. i cant explain it, but going to bf its just such a richer experience everything feels so much more. gunplay is incredible the satisfying recoil and sounds which follow. the game looks amazing then there is destruction, objectives which ove up (rush) huge maps and actual team play in which coordinated attacks work

Transporter471846d ago

CoD Ghost still using the same Engine

BF4 they actual use a next-gen Engine

ape0071846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

really?? u think bf4 use new engine? MYTH

watch this....

both are using heavily upgraded engines and that's the right way because they will lose their core feel if they done a new engine from the scratch

JunioRS1011846d ago

Wow I'm surprised by how similar they are. Interesting.

This is why I wish they skipped BF4 this year and released it next year with more bells and whistles..

ape0071846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )


they are the same in their core but then again it's better than doing an engine from scratch because the gfx in both bf4 and ghosts look waaaaay better than mw3 and bf3(consoles) and they are some of the best gfx in the next gen with bf4 being superior of course(cod still look fantastic though), what more can we imagine? doing a new engine from scratch may result in different control/gameplay feel

Zalmrocks1842d ago

Sure, the new Frostbite engine isn't new. But thats because it's not needed. If an engine is good, why should you create a new one? Its far more efficient to upgrade and improve one engine.

And the new Frostbite is much better then the one from BF3. Theres alot under the hood.

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WarThunder1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Other than the game engine... I see no difference.


and both have same stupid campaigns...

webeblazing1846d ago

LMAO yo i didnt notice that bubz

Einhert1846d ago

Both are getting equally as bad.

BF has become so dumbed down over the years and now they are slowly reintroducing features from past games which never should have been left out to begin with.

MidnytRain1846d ago

"...they are slowly reintroducing features from past games..."

Wouldn't someone like you appreciate that?

Einhert1846d ago

lol no, it should have never been removed in the first place....

That just did not need to happen.

webeblazing1846d ago

yea you gotta to relax a lot of these kidz would eat $hit if everyone was doing it. a lot of games are losing the features they once had. even if they do make it back it should never been left out. this gen you gonna see a lot of games with no local coop and your gonna hear people say but its better online or it look better without it.

GiggMan1846d ago

I will pick up Ghost later on down the line just for the the 4 player couch co-op (Golden Eye style, may it R.I.P). My son and I still enjoy getting some people together to play a little local multiplayer. COD is one of the only products that let you still do that.

dcj05241846d ago

I think killzone lets you do that.

GiggMan1846d ago

No I don't think so. Unless you are talking about shadow fall. I know in KZ3 one player can use bots. There is also a campaign co-op offline.

I wish games would remember to incorporate the old school local multiplayer like back in the day.

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