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Gaming Trend: "Enter Nick, a mechanic who works at Wrench-o-rama. Being handy helps him out in combining parts to build weapons that are far more effective than the standard guns you’ll find in the zombie-infested city. It’s not all bad – there are safe-houses dotted throughout, and survivors who have marked them for you to find. There are weapon lockers inside that let you recall any weapons, found or built. Not all of these sanctuaries are intact – during the demonstration we visited one that was infested with the undead."

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Neoninja1675d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on Dead Rising 3. I enjoyed the other 2 titles, but man having a freaking timer really took away from the exploration. I personally am glad you can choose to play without it, or if you want more of a challenge with it.

Wonder if the mini chainsaws will be making a return. Those things were beastly in the first game!

Dlacy13g1675d ago

Honestly the "timer" was my number one complaint with the previous games. In a game like this I want to be able to take my time and explore.

Dlacy13g1675d ago

This is right up there on my day one purchases.... Very excited about some of the changes they have made and improvements.

mrmancs1675d ago

Wonder if it will look even better when it comes out on the ps4 after the timed exclusive Microsoft played for?

Fireseed1675d ago

It will never come to PS4.

DonFreezer1675d ago

It won't come to the ps4 because Microsoft has not payed for it they have funded the game.Stop it with all this bullcrap that Microsoft pays fro games and Sony doesn't.

XboxFun1675d ago

I'm sure you'll find out when the X1 and all the X1 owners are done with and moved on to the next best thing. It's okay though, I find it funny that sony fanboys are salivating at all these X1 exclusives and hoping to play them on their ps4 some day.

The answer...just get an X1 and play it first.

scofios1675d ago


and moved on to the next best thing

Like showing your ass to kinect haha.

JBSleek1675d ago

This isn't a timed exclusive. Is that the new buzz word people use against the One now.

Electric-flamingo1675d ago

Get both systems, this way your fanboy bullshit won't bother you!!

golding891675d ago

lol time exclusive? sure ..keep trying to make yourself feel better for not being able to play it when it comes out buddy..

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malokevi1675d ago

This is probably my most anticipated launch title. Can't wait for open-world zombie craziness!

mrmancs1675d ago

Awww no need to be like that , Xbox may see killzone, turismo one day... Besides , why are you so sure? The other dead rising's were multi format and the ps4 has more pre orders and interest , be a shame when you have to eat you're words.

Fireseed1675d ago

In order to respond you hit the button that says "Reply" just fyi.

And we all know this for a fact, because Microsoft didn't pay for a timed exclusive... they're the publisher.

JBSleek1675d ago

Dead Rising was never multiplatform....

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