Sony's PS4 Has Fifty Percent Lead Over Microsoft's Xbox One, Says Strategy Analytics Survey

Sony's PS4 will have the edge over Microsoft's Xbox One in the new games console battle which will erupt later this year according to feedback from Strategy Analytics' latest ConsumerMetrix survey. According to the report, "Games Consoles: Purchase Intention Index Q2 2013", 14.2 percent of consumers are very or somewhat likely to buy a PS4 within the next twelve months compared to 9.5 percent who will buy an Xbox One. If the results were reflected in sales data this would imply that sales of PS4s would be nearly fifty percent higher than Xbox One. The survey interviewed a representative population sample of more than 6000 respondents across the US and Europe in June 2013.

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MariaHelFutura1820d ago ShowReplies(21)
AngelicIceDiamond1820d ago

That's good. Its also good that MS is finally gaining some ground as well.

Godmars2901820d ago

Correcting obvious mistakes you mean.

wishingW3L1820d ago

yeah.. No self-publishing, DRM, forced Kinect, etc.

slimeybrainboy1820d ago

This here 'war' is about who can manufacture the most consoles at this stage in the lifecycle. Both will continue to sell out. Both consoles think they have the early edge, Gamescom could be the deicider.

Mikelarry1820d ago

MS seems to be adapting their strategy so i doubt we would ever see a clear winner even after gamescom. if the article below is to be true ms is getting even more competitive

TheOneYouHate1820d ago

Heres how far ahead PS4 is, 3 bundels in the top 20, while XBOX has its first bundle at #51. lol

FITgamer1820d ago

The YTD list gives a better idea of where they sit compared to each other. Yeah it's only one retailer, but a huge one. 3 PS4 SKU vs 1 Xbox One in the top 100. Also if you consider both launch additions are sold out and the PS4 sits 3 positions ahead of Xbox One can only mean there were more launch PS4 allotted than Xbox One.

iceman061820d ago

War does not determine who is right - only who is left. ~Bertrand Russell

This console war should mean nothing to us, as consumers, because the end result is inconsequential. It's a bunch of big numbers (read money) made off of us. It is the companies that wage this theoretical war. We are just the casualties.
That being said...PS4....oooh...Xbox s 4 Life!!! Lol

Cmk01211820d ago

with gaming who knows, MS supposedly will outship ps4 2-3 times this holiday says other analyst. for god sakes the wii won last gen, who cares which console wins as long as you play the one you like?

Majin-vegeta1820d ago

Idk where the f*ck people keep getting that the Wii one this gen??A gen isnt over until all 3 systems stop being supported.

live2play1820d ago

You mean just like a race isn't over until everyone crosses the finish line?
your right, but that's why there's 1st,2nd,3rd place etc.

Wii was first. Deal with it ;)

insomnium21820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )


Ummm... we would need a set distance or time for that. In addition we would need a simultanious launch for all participants. Yeah I'm pretty sure you are full of it.

PS3 will be number one once all the consoles are sold and production stopped. I think it's you who need to "deal with it" since you seem kinda butthurt over this piece of info. It's been obvious from the get go how things would end with x360 and PS3 atleast. Now that Wii has almost stopped it's easy to see PS3 winning this gen. All they need is 2-3 years worth of time on the storeshelf.

After that PS3 will keep on being supported most likely and it will end up next to the PS2 with 130-150 million sold. This is common knowledge when we know the hisrtory of these consoles/companies.

xReDeMpTiOnx1820d ago

Yeah the analyst who thinks there is a 50$ price difference lol

drsfinest721820d ago

You should read the article again the site said it not the analyst

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