Killzone Mercenary – Preview Build Impressions | TVL

Hands on impressions of this long awaited title from a fellow gamer and long-time Killzone player, courtesy of The Vita Lounge.

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NeloAnjelo1371d ago

Definitely getting this!

assassin2k1371d ago

Good preview. Can't wait for the full game!

teflontactics1371d ago

Thanks, me either. I'm on another play-through of this as we speak. =D

Thirty3Three1371d ago

Nice one, Tef!

I'm definitely buying when available!

Are you gonna be in for the beta, come August? Maybe I'll see ya then! :]

teflontactics1371d ago

I have my August 21st beta code and I'm in the mix for all the other avenues as well. I'll very likely see you there, man.

Thirty3Three1371d ago

Fantastic! Looking forward to it!

Megatron3161371d ago

seriously these graphics on a handheld are insane, guess it's why the vita was known as a next gen portable, really awesome this looks

Darkfist1371d ago

i just hope that the main main villain in Mercenary is better than the one from kz3.