Windows 8 Applications and Games Can Theoretically Work on Xbox One

During the Game Tools & Middleware Forum 2013 held yesterday in the Tokyo technology Mecca of Akihabara Microsoft Japan Evangelist Shinichiro Isago (yeah, that’s his title, and considering the acceptance of Xbox products in Japan, it’s quite appropriate) spoke at a panel titled “Seven Reasons Why Game Developers Should Embrace Microsoft Again” sharing a quite interesting detail on how the Xbox One’s operating system works.

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AngelicIceDiamond1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

So does this mean we can download mods for games like PC?

EDIT: MS possibly self publishing

Mikey941820d ago

More like awsomeness awaits

XboxFun1820d ago

If this is true then this means that Indie games shouldn't have to go through the publishing process for the console.

Great news!

Abriael1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

No, not necessarily. The fact that a game works on the console doesn't mean it'll be made available in the marketplace. You can't just insert a disk in the console and bring up the file manager :D

which is the reason for the "theoretically".

iconic561820d ago

I'm sure all software considered for gaming purposes will be licensed directly through Xbox... I don't think they will be able to bypass it by any means.

I'm sure they will all have to be Xbox Live compatible as well. Many of the games on Windows Store are not Xbox Live compatible, and they probably won't see the light of day on Xbox One... that and Microsoft may start requiring developers to make Windows RT games Xbox/Xbox Live compatible.

Dlacy13g1820d ago

I am sure that MS will require any Windows 8 game/app that wants to appear for Xbox One will have to have controller support. No way around that one. I would also say Xbox Live compatibility will need to be added or baked in with all apps too. I don't know how difficult the later is though....could be quite simple to implement since a majority of Xbox Live is really like an overlay to the games themselves.

Bigpappy1820d ago

If this is implemented, it will be managed strictly by M$. That would mean that every summited game would have to be optimized X1 GPU and work with the controller, and they will be download ONLY from market place.

iconic561820d ago

if Xbox One has complete access to the Windows RT store, the Windows 8 ecosystem will put Xbox on another level

Abriael1820d ago

Doubtful, because the apps would still require tweaking for controls.

iconic561820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

but all of the RT apps are designed with touch-interface in mind... which in my opinion isn't too different than Kinect. If you can touch an icon on a tablet screen, then I'm sure you can motion your hand to point to a "clickable" object on the TV...

of-course this is all theory... I wouldn't want to do my taxes on my Xbox.

edit: @abriael, good point (no pun intended)

Abriael1820d ago

@iconic56: the intuitiveness of control goes way down when you have to point at something at a distance instead of touching, because you don't have a fixed support.

It's the same difference between driving with a proper racing wheel with its nice mount and all and the crappy mario kart wheel attachment for the wiimote that's suspended in the air.

Dlacy13g1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

agreed it can't/won't be 100% but I could easily see devs that make a game for Windows 8 have a check box for "controller support" that would allow it to show on the Xbox One Market Place. Possibly limit apps that can show on Xbox One to video, audio and games... so this way it helps keep the Xbox One game / app space clear of business related apps, etc...

edit: What this also tells me is Halo Spartan Assault will get announced at Gamescom as coming to Xbox One on launch or shortly after. Possibly even as a XBLG perk if they are smart.

PunisherRevenge1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

In a way yes, but then again no because what if Microsoft announce that not only can Windows 8 apps be downloaded, but the X1 supports a mouse and keyboard functions plus the X1 controller would work just like it would for PC.

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boikanyo1820d ago

oh well microsoft is tryng so damn hard to push away its bad ''publishity'' it caused..but its 2 late to recover da damages...

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