The PlayStation 4 might be even more powerful than we think

The recent revelation that the PlayStation 4 CPU might run at 2.75 GHz indicates an even more powerful console than originally though.

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MariaHelFutura1702d ago

PS4: It Only Does Everything.... Better.

j-blaze1702d ago

glad it's nothing like the awful piece of machine ps3... PS4 is on whole another level, can't wait for it :)
now only one thing left... Sony, start supporting Japanese devs and games!

avengers19781702d ago

Seriously... I've preordered PS4 and am a huge fan of playstation, and I'm so sick of seeing that as the first post in ever damn Sony article

Destrania1702d ago

Dude, please stop posting that lol

1702d ago
Xwow20081702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

2.75 GHz is the ram frequency(i think), there is no upgrade to specs the console is already powerful.

Pisque1702d ago

Plus Microsoft said that specs didn't matter so why should Sony bother for higher end specifications

mewhy321702d ago

Wow. The news regarding PS4 just gets better and better. I mean just based on with we already know the PS4 has 50% more raw processing power than the xbone. This would just add to that. Man what a great time to have the PS4/Killzone combo bundle ordered. Woot!

hennessey861702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

The ps4 is using a 7850 and the Xbox one is using a 7790 and I no for a fact there isn't a 50 percent difference between those cards. Anyone who knows anything about GPUs knows the flop count isn't the only thing that matters.

mewhy321702d ago

Well if you'd done your reading you'd see that the number of compute units has been increased from the stock chip for use in the PS4. The increased number of compute units is where that number comes from and anyone who "knows" not "nos" anything about computer systems and compute functions would realise that this is an accurate estimate at 50%.

Cuzzo631702d ago

Its a customized 7850. What that means is its been tweaked. The card in the ps4 cant be purchased at Bestbuy or your local computer store. The 7850 and 7790 might not have a considerable difference but the customized 7850 will have a difference from s retail 7850 or 7790. You will not find 8 gbs gddr in a retail 7850. You have the internet to post this comment. Do some research. Lol...

hennessey861702d ago

No the stock 7850 has 2gb of ddr5, but do you really think the Xbox one chip will not be modified..........

hazardman1702d ago

@cuzzo...ok the ps4 gpu is custom built for ps4. Just like the 7790 in xbox one is custom as well. My cuz does I.T work and said that the difference wont be that drastic. Then again thats gpu talk, not taking everything else into consideration. Either way my ps4 is coming soon and i cant wait.

christrules00411702d ago

1.2Tflops divide that in half 0.6, add them up it's 1.8Tflops. More like the PS4 has 50% more raw horsepower then the Xbox Ones GPU is capable of.

MysticStrummer1702d ago

If you look at comparisons between those two GPUs you'll see that the 50% number is based on more than TFLOPS.

Hicken1701d ago

Then you should also know for a fact that you can't buy either of the cards in either machine off the shelf, so basing your assumption of their console performance on your knowledge of their "stock" performance is pointless.

For a PC guy, you sure do lean heavily Microsoft. And you do so with an interestingly ignorant bent. Forget that nobody's basing the 50% number JUST on FLOPS. You're gonna make it sound like that's all anyone's doing, and that they're forgetting everything else.

Take it and run, hennessey. Run far away from logic and reality and common sense. Run away from the truth and seal yourself in a world where you only need parts of what's right in order to be completely right.

Cuz that's the only world where such a thing works.

medman1701d ago

hennessey86 better get used to offering up lame excuses for the xbone.

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Cuzzo631702d ago

If you search good enough you will discover watever gpu xb1 has the 50% performance difference didnt just come out of thin air. 1.8 tflops compared to 1.2tflops is approximately 50%. Look it up.

hennessey861702d ago

Of using an 8 core processor was so that they could run it at a lower clock speed reducing heat and power consumption. It's going to run at 1.6 ghz

Destrania1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

It could be clocked higher for all we know. Don't be dumb.

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