BitBattle Review (GameWoof)

Ian DeMartino of writes "Politics and games don’t generally mix, or more accurately, they don’t often mix. There have, of course, been some notable exceptions, and the recent indie explosion has brought with it a group of young developers not scared to use the medium to speak their mind. But it is still something new, something that isn’t yet established and every time it is tried it is a pulled off a little differently.bitbattle_gameplay 1

I bring this up not because BitBattle tries to force an opinion on you, in fact, taken by itself, there is hardly anything political about BitBattle at all. It is the original inspiration of the Spanish urban riots combined with their revolutionary monetization scheme (there isn’t one) that makes it an interesting entry into the political realm of gaming. I’m not sure if their message was received, or honestly, if they were even intending to send a message, but the bigger question is, is their game any good? The quick answer is that yes, its pretty darn good. The long answer follows below."

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