War of the Roses is now officially free to play on Steam

The third person, team based multiplayer action game War of the Roses is now free to play on Steam. Set in 15th century England, two rival houses battle against each other for power and the throne. Our own Dalton of Fate of the Game did a video rundown for War of the Roses: Kingmaker which is the premium (paid) version of the title. Players will find themselves in a violent medieval fight to become the ultimate warrior. There is a leveling system letting you gain experience to customize your fighter whether you use a knight or an archer. The title features up to 64 player multiplayer matches. And not to be forgotten, War of the Roses offers mounted combat. Prepare yourself for it is time to enter the fray.

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ATi_Elite1703d ago

War of The Roses is Good

Too Bad Chivalry Medieval Warfare is just So much better!

either way such a great alternative to FPS Fatigue with some good Ole fashion Broad Sword and Archer combat.

Shadonic1703d ago

I agree I played chivalry and even though my computer could barely handle it I had a blast.

sdozzo1703d ago

Right after the summer sale pushed it. What a bunch of filthy rats.

BootHammer1703d ago

64-player multiplayer matches sounds interesting!

ATi_Elite1695d ago

They are friggin BRUTAL but try Chivalry Medieval Warfare as it's a lot better than WATR.