7 Most Disappointing Games Of This Console Generation

There have been some terrific surprises unleashed in gaming over the past few years – but there have also been some crushing let-downs.

From soul-destroying sequels to abysmal originals, FMV takes a look at eight of the most disappointing games in recent memory.

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Mr_Nuts1374d ago

I think you would need to replace RE6 with RE5...if you were smart and ignored those people who kept going on about "trying the game out first" or "giving it a chance" then you knew what to expect.

With RE5 however that was a total letdown...especially when you see the RE5 concept art before they added co-op.

Lovable1374d ago

I thought the coop was fun as hell. When they released the demo I played it like crazy.

Panthers1374d ago

The Co-Op was fun, but it shouldnt have been in a RE game. They could have created another franchise for that crap.

Mr_Nuts1374d ago

Co-op does not belong in a RE game whether it's fun or not

Blastoise1374d ago

Resi 5 was a good game, it was flawed but it was fun. A good action game atleast

Resi 6 on the other hand is a terrible game all round

Lovable1374d ago

@Mr Nuts

Hey man as long as you're having fun

andshesays1373d ago

me to it was awesome, I wish they would bring sheva back personally she was cool

FATAL1TY1373d ago

Crysis 3
Diablo 3
Duke Nukem Forever
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Gears Of war Judgment

RedDevils1373d ago

RE from a survivor horror game into an adventure game, the last good RE probably 4 but not nearly as good as 3 imo

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j-blaze1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

many, but what i can remember is Uncharted 3, GoW: A, GTA4, Enslaved, CoD blops, and TLoU "it was to me!" for this game in particular all the talk about masterpiece story and a revolutionary game from the deluded devs who want to chance the F industry were BS, also, RE6 was good not great as the old ones but good

cpayne931374d ago

But you still haven't played tlou. Also, re5 was a good game, but not as amazing as 4. Haven't played re6 but I hated the demo.

Lovable1373d ago

Revolutionary gameplay? Where did you hear that or are you making it up?

HarryMasonHerpderp1373d ago

Yo j-blaze you have to actually play The Last Of Us to comment on whether it was overrated or not (which it wasn't). Watching pewdiepie play it on youtube doesn't count I'm afraid.

Wikki1374d ago

I plaed through RE5 more times than I had any other RE game. I finished Leon's story in RE6 and haven't touched it since. I've never rage-quit as many times from a game as I had from RE6.

STEWIE_PLAY_PS41374d ago

FINAL FANTASY XIII, -2 and return of lightnings must disaapoint. SE nut crazy still high sell them game very very disappoint fun???

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chikane1374d ago

Final Fantasy 13-2 Crap Story Crap Characters...

Gran Tursimo Standard 5 -_-

Star Ocean 4 .. beyond me how this passed for a 360 and ps3 game ???????

only have those three Disappointing Games Of This Console Generation


Lovable1374d ago

For SO4, besides the story, the gameplay seems pretty solid to me.

wishingW3L1374d ago

Star Ocean 4 was absolutely terrible.

Kte1374d ago

SO4 was better then FFXIII 1 and 2..and I loved it lol

MiasmaDodo1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

My top 3 disappointments this Gen

1. Saints Row 3
2. Fall Out New Vegas
3. Assassins Creed 3

Der_Kommandant1374d ago

Saint's Row 3 was fun as hell, not as good as SR2 but wasn't a disappointment.

I actually enjoyed more New Vegas than Fallout 3.

And you're right about AC3, i'm glad the team who made AC2 and Brotherhood are making AC4.

MiasmaDodo1374d ago

SR3 left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I played SR2 so damn much and 3 was boring to me.

FO3 I played hundreds of hours, played FONV for maybe 50 hours (not a bad game, just disappointing)

AC3 we actually agree on. LoL terrible game

RavageX1374d ago

Saints Row 3 was my disappointment of this generation also. The last time I was ever that pissed over a game it was when I bought Enter The Matrix.

SR3 was a shell of a game compared to SR2.

XboxFun1374d ago

Duke Nuk'em for me, that game should have remained vaporware or at least as a free digital download.

BigBoss19641374d ago

FF13 wasn't just disappointing, it was absolute dog sh*t

Dj7FairyTail1374d ago

yeah disappointing dog shit

wishingW3L1374d ago

FF went from being one of my most favorite franchise to one of the ones I despise the most. Toriyama should be killed with fire. -__-

SonyRules1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

"FF13" did suck.

SonyRules1374d ago

Honestly, Sakaguchi made FF1-12 (except 11)and then formed Mistwalker witch makes JRPG's for Microsoft. Blue Dragon was the real FF13. It was a little better than FF13, and Lost Odyssey was FF14. It was pretty good, tradition Sakaguchi FF JRPG stye. You wont here much about Sakaguchi now making Microsoft Exclusive JRPGs on this Sony site though.

Wolfbiker1373d ago

Dude what you just said is completely irrelevant to the article.

And grow up just because somebody may prefer the PlayStation 3 over the Xbox 360 doesn't mean they never played or are incapable of enjoying an exclusive on the 360. In the REAL world games are games and many people play many games no matter the platform.

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