Four Things Microsoft Has Done Right With Xbox One

There are countless articles being written daily on internet to point out mistakes which Microsoft is doing in start of their new console Xbox One. Gamepur has also written few, pardon Microsoft but it's true that their flaws are very easy to point as they are obvious for us when it comes to comparison with Sony, like cost different between PS4 and Xbox One, less performance, less gaming etc etc. Today let's not go more negative with Microsoft, people are already calling Gamepur a Sony fan boy site, but that's not true, if you observe things wisely then you'll know the truth but it's common nature among actual fan boys to stuck with their console choice and no matter what goes wrong they just don't accept that the console they have is just not good enough, as with most or few of you.

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mewhy321823d ago

Hmmmm. I still believe that if they'd launched it w/o kinect and priced it at 349.99 (because of lower spec than PS4) that they would have done much much better and gotten much much better reception from the consumer public and media.

XCLANN1823d ago

The thing is Sony buyers, will have to invest in the PS Move all over again, when Xbox users will already have the state of the art experience. I would rather pay more and have everything than pay less and end up paying more in the long run.

LOGICWINS1823d ago

You have to pay more in the long run in both cases if you plan on gaming online.

Kyosuke_Sanada1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

The thing is the Move is an OPTION. The more a product can adapt to a consumer's bank account at release, the higher chance it can be sold.

mewhy321823d ago

I would agree if this type of gaming experience is important to you. But the majority of gamers don't deem this as important. I feel that the xbone would be better received with the 349.99 price and the kinect optional.

xHeavYx1823d ago

How do Sony buyers have to invest in the PS Move all over again? It is compatible with the PS4, the only thing you need is the new camera, which costs $60, and it's still cheaper than the One

Rai1823d ago

lol..did you do any research before saying that? The PS move works with the PS4. The PS4 camera is 60$.

wishingW3L1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

"Xbox users will already have the state of the art experience" because of Kinect... When did the Kinect become a feature worth bragging about? lol

DialgaMarine1823d ago

Yeah, but at least Sony buyers will have the choice in the matter. They won't be FORCED to own a PS Move Camera with their system that watches them every second they're near it.

_FantasmA_1823d ago

You're assuming everyone wants Move. We don't. We will get it when the software comes while xbros have to open wide and take it.

Darth Gamer1823d ago

@ xHeavyX and Rai

Please don't make the assumption that the new PS EYE is of the same quality as the Kinest 2 perf. I agree that it is nice that Sony is making their camera optional but the XBOX ONE was built around the Kinect. The two so called cameras are not even in the same league. I commend both companies for what they are doing and the route that each has gone but to consider the New Kinect to be just a simple camera equivalent to the PS eye is just ignorant and stupid.

Cuzzo631823d ago

Both most of us dnt care for the move. Quit being a buttfan about it lol...

xHeavYx1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

@Darth Gamer
Stop talking about Kinect like it's the greatest thing ever. Mention one good game for the first Kinect, or just wait until all the games you get are Kinect shovelware or app oriented functions plus Halo/Gears/Forza

Darth Gamer1823d ago


learn how to read before you spout off. Never was I talking about the First Kinect and I agree with you on that front. Every game that I have ever seen or owned for the kinect (Version 1) Stunk. I preferred the Move from Sony much better. Yes, I have both and therefore am well informed on both! As of this new conversation though, I was referring to the New Kinect Sensor/Camera. From what I have seen and read about this is a beast of a so called camera and which the XBOX ONE was built around entirely. The PS eye is not in the same league like I stated before as far as what it can do. If you were not such a blatant fanboy, you would be able to recognize this and the differences between the two.

iceman061823d ago

Wrong...the controllers have the default LED lights that move already used and the camera is just $60. Plus, most of the people that actually like motion control (aside from Xbox converts) will probably have a Move wand already, which is fully compatible with the new camera.

xHeavYx1823d ago

@Darth Gamer
Everybody said how the first Kinect would be revolutionary and blah blah, same thing they are saying about K2

Mounce1823d ago

PS Move controllers from PS3 are compatible with PS4 -_- Wtf you talking about XCLANN?

Only thing New you'll need is the newer PS Eye.

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Electric-flamingo1823d ago ShowReplies(2)
darthv721823d ago

no matter the situation, MS announced their price first. That gave sony the opportunity to revise their pricing plan to sell for less. I would bet that the original pricing plan included the ps4 eye as part of the package.

MS makes their big reveal and does their pricing and says this is what you get for that price. Sony watches and decides to axe the camera in the bundle and therefore created a way to cut the price by $100. It just makes sense.

MS sticking to their original plan of kinect in every box for the $499 price is a bold move but one they will not waiver. Between the two, the xb1 is the total package and everything is built specifically to take advantage of kinect and controller interaction.

Now i will buy a ps4 and the camera but i cant help think that sony missed an opportunity to have their camera be as integral a part in their overall system like kinect. Its a big selling point that the controllers have the light bar for the camera to see.

If any company was to rethink their pricing i would imagine it being sony and adding the camera to the package for even $50 more (if it has to amount to something) shouldnt be that big of an issue. One in every box ensures support even on the smallest scale as devs know everyone will have one. That isnt the situation anymore and I hope the ps4 eye doesnt get the same treatment as the previous ones. Meaning treated as an afterthought instead of a standard part of the platform.

Ilovetheps41823d ago

In a corporation that large, there is no way that they can change the pricing of their console in a matter of hours. If they announced their prices a few weeks apart, I might have thought that Sony adjusted their price. But, there is no way that Sony revised their price and E3 presentation in a few hours.

In some interview (It was either gametrailers or IGN), Jack Tretton said that everyone back stage started cheering when they heard the X1's price point because they knew that their price was $100 cheaper.

darthv721823d ago

Seeing as sony knew Ms was including the camera from the initial reveal...they didnt know exactly the price. So it was a couple of weeks before prices were revealed.

In the hopes MS would be hitting the $500 mark sony could still have figured that underselling the xb1 was doable with cutting the camera out of the picture.

sony was essentially betting they were right and when the xb1 price was revealed...they were. Still, sony as the hardware company would know the baseline price point of things and could have included the camera. Hell they can include it now and it would still be cheaper than the x1.

JunioRS1011823d ago

While that's true, the problem is how heavily they're trying to pursue Kinect. It's no longer just a peripheral of the system, but central to the Xbox brand.

Picnic1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

After 2 generations of building sales successes (whereas Sony has maintained theirs) Microsoft had to charge more for their console this time and bundle in the Kinect because Sony had already won the trust of tens of millions of of gamers to keep on providing top story-based games throughout the generation.

If Microsoft hadn't done it this way, even if it caused outrage to start with (no news is bad news) then the whole system would have been seen as permanently second fiddle to Sony's. By putting so much trust in the Kinect and the difference that developers programming for that may make to games (yes, even if only in a gimmicky way) they are saying to families in America and beyond 'Be with us in the bright light of your living room or forever give your soul to single player games in your dingy bedroom playing your PS4'.

iceman061823d ago

Or they could just be saying "We want your money like you gave to Nintendo!" See, a blind and simple quote can be pulled from anywhere. The grand statement that you make will be mostly lost on the mass market because they could care less about the tech of Kinect. They just want it to it does on the commercial. I think that Kinect 2.0 has some cool features. However, I don't think that it will be this future defining technology that revolutionizes the way that we interact with games and consoles. It will simply be another cool option...and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

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WolfOfDarknesss1823d ago

I am getting Xbox One for two games " Killer Instinct and TitanFall "

PS4 will be my main console .

D-riders1823d ago

man its crazy when people throw numbers around. you know why MS told you they made $700 million in updgrades its because consumers are stupid. cloud computing, howmany people think that that will enhance graphics? i bet alot will it.. no. how much does1 billion buy you when you don thave studios, not much.. sony paid 380 million for gaikai, then invest the same amount. touting numbers makes people not look smart, truth is we never know what those number mean unless you work for MS.

AngelicIceDiamond1823d ago

BTW the text in the pic in needs to be flipped around.