Planetside 2 GU13 Live: New Details and Guns Screenshots

SOE has released the 13th game update for Planetside 2, which among many things adds four new weapons to the game’s arsenal. The four new weapons can be seen below.

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mewhy321823d ago

Planetside 2 is going to be awesome that's for sure. It doesn't hurt that it's going to run maxed out on the PS4. The news just gets better and better for the PS4.

guitarded771823d ago

Yeah, i can't wait to get it on PS4. My computer can't run it for s#!t. Planning on getting a new video card, but most of my friends are console gamers anyway, so the PS4 can't come soon enough. Hope it's available at or very near launch. I'll have Battlefield and Killzone to keep me busy if it's later.

Corpser1823d ago

Read what Higby actually said, he's talking about size of maps and number of players, not graphical settings, bur still good news for ps4 players.

MysticStrummer1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Exactly how do the size of maps and number of players relate to the highest settings?

Of course they mean the graphics.

Personally I hope if they do achieve those visuals and it impacts frame rates in big battles they'll tone the graphics down some, but I expect them to at least try for those visuals.

Here's a dispatch from the front lines of Esamir, by war correspondent Robert Stoneman.

HammadTheBeast1823d ago

Actually, they said in previous interviews and on video that graphical settings will be maxed out.

It's great that you added this additional detail.

Corpser1823d ago


I meant like in bf3 console versions get smaller maps and smaller number of players, his quote is saying that wont change from pc to ps4

MysticStrummer1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

You still haven't explained what that has to to with settings on the PC version. You're saying on the PC players can lower their settings and play on smaller maps with less people?