Are We Neglecting the Strength of the Vita's Lineup?

Push Square: "When the PlayStation 3 was at its lowest, you couldn’t move for criticism. Every announcement, news story, and trailer was accompanied by heated discussion; each unfortunate exclusive was forced to carry the weight of the entire machine. As the flagship format settled – its commercial fortunes reversed and operating system improved – the incessant analysis died down, and it allowed us to concentrate on the most important thing: the games. The software was always there, of course, but as opposed to the core of the plot, it was the subtext that filtered into a much larger – and often tedious – narrative. And the same is starting to occur with the PlayStation Vita."

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LOGICWINS1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

"But if you’re letting your desire for big-budget games detract from your appreciation of the system’s overall offering, then you’re not getting the most out of the handheld at all."

Not everyone views a plethora of indie titles as a "strength". When people pay top dollar for a gaming device, they want top tier experiences. Once Vita begins to get a lot of exclusive JRPGs, then it will do much better.

I'm not saying indie games are "bad", but they don't drive console sales. You really think the Vita would have done just as well at launch if Sound Shapes was the premier launch title as opposed to Uncharted: Golden Abyss?

Vita owners are spending too much time justifying their purchases on the Internet when they should be using that energy demanding more triple A titles.

Sony marketed Vita is a 'console in your pocket'. The games should reflect that. The reason people want the PS4/Xbox One are for their heavy hitter exclusives. Vita (a console by Sony's standards) should be no different.

legionsoup1790d ago

I've got over 30 cartridge-based Vita games though. None of them are indie games. Some people don't have 30 PS3 or 360 games.

As for the console in your pocket thing, people complain about it. Every time a new game comes out that's also on PS3 people say "here comes another port."

Honestly speaking, I play the Vita more right now than I do any other system, and I have them all.

LOGICWINS1790d ago

Thats great to hear. I plan on getting my Vita this year and it looks much more appealing to me than the newer consoles due to the HUGE PSP backlog and the promise of more JRPGs.

Hicken1790d ago

"Not everyone views a plethora of indie titles as a "strength". When people pay top dollar for a gaming device, they want top tier experiences."

So a plethora of quality indie titles can't be strength? They can't be top tier experiences?

You're smarter than that... I think. Sometimes, it's hard to tell, with your comments.

But I think you're at least capable of realizing the flaw in that thinking. And I'm sure you can understand how that's the wrong attitude to have about gaming.

LOGICWINS1790d ago

"So a plethora of quality indie titles can't be strength? They can't be top tier experiences?"

Your twisting my words to favor your argument.

I said "Not EVERYONE views a plethora of indie titles as a "strength", implying that SOME may view it as a strength and OTHERS won't. Whether a plethora of indie titles is a strength for the Vita would depend on the gamer in question.

Nice try though.

"You're smarter than that... I think"

Well thats one part of your comment I agree with.

3-4-51790d ago

JRPG's and RPG's in general sell consoles.

Nobody buys a console for a game they can beat in 4-8 hours. It's just not worth it then.

TongkatAli1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

It can have it all which it will, then they will be no more excuses. I rather give 10 hours to a game during the week then waste my whole summer playing "OMG JRPG".

Indies are pick up and play and no fuss. Sometimes I play a RPG and lose over a dozen of hours on a single sitting. I work like to go out and I'm a gamer. Indies fit perfeclty to me.

You're talking about selling consoles to the most stuck up fanbase, f those people, your taste isn't god.

LOGICWINS1790d ago

"Sometimes I play a RPG and lose over a dozen of hours on a single sitting"

You say that like its a bad thing. God forbid a game gives you bang for your buck.

@3-4-5, Thats why I love PS Plus. For $50 a year, I'll build up a collection of those 10 hour games/indie titles and I'll buy JRPGs/RPGs with my own money.

rainslacker1790d ago

Except the AAA games that current Vita owners want are there, and there are more on the horizon.

System sellers are subjective just like most other things. I think that people aren't neglecting the line up, they are just taking the fact that there isn't a game they would personally buy the system for available, and extrapolating that to mean that the Vita has no games. The argument is flawed, and credit isn't being given where it's due when people talk in such absolutes.

Otherwise, I do agree, for the most part, that indie games are not typically going to drive console sales, but they are an added bonus. Sometimes when it comes to consoles, you have to take a look at the whole picture of what's available, what's to come, and what's possible to really decide if it's worth the asking price. If people didn't do this, then home consoles would never sell when they first launch.

I don't feel the need to justify my purchase of one. I think it's a great system, with a lot of great games. I know what's coming, and I'm not disappointed in it. I did ask for more during the summer after it's release because the outlook was barren, but that's not really the case anymore. I'm currently doing it for the Wii U, although not as much as before since again, the outlook is picking up.

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TwilightSparkle1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Sony needs to understand no one is going to spend 250 + on a device that has 8 bit indie games (well not all of them are 8 bit) but the piont is they say ps3 in your pocket it dosent look like it to me more like a hd gameboy in my pocket. Sure it has a lot of other great games but how many of you who bought the vita at day one still playing those games, not me most of them are already platinum. I just want games thats not indies at least give us a mixture between indies and aaa.

LOGICWINS1790d ago

Right. Those indies games are icing on the cake. Keyword: ICING

The focus should be on big budget titles. Good thing YS and FFX are coming out this year. If not, I would have lost faith in Vita.

Moncole1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

People buy a system for exclusives and not games available on other systems. Sony need to get some of its big devs like Naughty Dog or Sucker Punch to make exclusives games for the Vita that wont release on the PS3 or PS4.

TongkatAli1790d ago

The guy who made Soul Sacrifice is a big dev. The guy who made Gravity Rush is a big dev, he made Silent Hill.

Williamson1790d ago

The vita already has tons of great games like uncharted, gravity rush, wipeout, AC liberation, p4g, soul sacrifice, muramasa, lbp, rayman origins, and others. I'm pretty sick of people saying the vita has no games, to much indies, and no big blockbuster titles. If people buy one/gets to try one then they will see for themselves that a lot of good games are already available.

bjmartynhak1790d ago

I agree.
Vita has more AAA games then I have time to play on the go.

Sure, if someone plays a lot at home will get through these games faster. But then comes the multiplayer, side-missions, trophies, etc.

Megatron3161790d ago

indie games sometimes are waay more enjoyable than the huge budget titles. Guacamelee, Thomas Was Alone,Sound Shapes,Journey

These experiences are so enjoyable and journey will forever be an unforgettable moment for me, i was just sitting there for 2 hours after it ended.. feeling completely empty no AAA game ever made me feel like that. Indie bring more New IPs whilst more AAA are Sequels as they rely on the names of their predecessors