BradyGames Announces GTA V Strategy Guides

BradyGames is thrilled to be creating the Grand Theft Auto V Signature Series Strategy Guide, bigger and better than ever and the only official guide that covers it all. This strategy guide leads you through the entire game, providing a comprehensive walk-through, detailed character outlines, complete mission and mini-games coverage, highly detailed maps and more.

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Pisque1461d ago

I never understood those who buy books for strategies about a videogame when you can have free tips & tricks on Youtube or at any website.

Just a waste of cash and wood

Name Last Name1460d ago

Well, back in the day they were really useful when Youtube wasn't as big and online walkthroughs weren't that good.

Pisque1460d ago

Yes ok, but nowadays it's a waste

jaymart2k1461d ago

BradyGames needs to get with the times & offer Strategy Guides via Tablets.

XCLANN1461d ago

Some of their guides include a digital version too, so you can download it to your tablet

Psychotica1460d ago

GTA V is a strategy game?

metalgod881460d ago

The only real reason I ever buy a strategy guide these days, is if I want to have a complete collection of a game I'm really hyped for. I may never use it, but it's awesome to just have the whole set. It's even better if there's a collectors edition strategy guide. I did this for Demon's Souls and Dark Souls II, although for Demon's Souls, I bought the Deluxe edition which came with the guide.

XCLANN1460d ago

I am the same, but I do like to collect the limited edition ones as they are just awesome.

metalgod881460d ago

Yeah, as do I. Although I only get them for games I'm REALLY looking forward to, so I tend to be very choosey when it comes to special editions, but they're usually totally worth the extra cost.

metalgod881460d ago

That actually sounds really awesome. I wonder what it's dimensions are.

XCLANN1459d ago

That was listed on the details for the special edition but no size, I will ask BradyGames what size it comes in

metalgod881458d ago

Awesome, thank you XCLANN.