True Blood and Game of Thrones Stars Check Out Nintendo At Comic Con 2013

Skewed and Reviewed has posted images of some of televisions hottest stars checking out the Wii U at the Nintendo booth from Comic Con 2013. True Blood, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, SNL, Community and more were on hand.

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Rhaigun1644d ago

Yay. Celebrities playing games. Journalism at its finest. So glad I got to see this today. /s

Garethvk1644d ago

Thank you for taking the time away from your busy schedule to share your wisdom.

Rhaigun1644d ago

Thank you for posting something that belongs in People magazine.

Garethvk1644d ago

Your entitled to your opinion, however the moderators and the people who voted for it as well as the thousands who have visted the story do not agree. Nor do the guys at Nintendo who sent it to us.

Rhaigun1644d ago

"Nor do the guys at Nintendo who sent it to us."'re running PR for Nintendo?

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