Liege port for WiiU approved

With 4 days to go in Kickstarter, TRPG Liege gets its approval for port to the Nintendo WiiU. Now all it has to do is get funding as an additional stretch goal. Earlier in the campaign, the title received approval for its port to PS4, PS Vita, and Linux, which is less than $1,000 away from being funded at the time of this post.

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PopRocks3591822d ago

Ah, neato. Thank you Kickstarter. I'll have to check this out once I get my copy of Soul Saga and A Hat in Time.

3-4-51822d ago

nice! Wii U needed a game like this.

FSThree1820d ago

I totally agree. It will fit extremely well with the touch screen.

MilkMan1822d ago

Good I had kick started it already, I'll add a little more also, and like PopRock said I am waiting for Soul Saga as well.

AbortMission1822d ago

Cool. Will be getting Liege on Vita though.

porkChop1822d ago

Same. I'll be picking up both Liege and Soul Saga on my Vita. I'm glad Wii U gamers are able to play the game as well.

FSThree1820d ago

Honestly, for some reason this game makes me want to get a Vita.*Confession Bear*

I am also thinking about it for the dual screen functionality with the PS4. But that has yet to come to fruition so maybe ...