Let's Talk About: The ending of The Last of Us

Let's Talk About... is an opinion series in which two members of Polygon's editorial team discuss an important game or topic. In this piece, Senior Reviewer Danielle Riendeau and Editor-at-Large Chris Plante discuss the ending of The Last of Us, along with the game's take on gender and the truth about the game's protagonist, Joel. Spoilers ahead.

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Valkyre1821d ago

Dont give clicks to those sons of bitches lol

plmkoh1821d ago

Thanks, was about to till I realised it was the polygon.

outsider16241821d ago

why is polyshit talking abt the ending of TLOU..anyway...bubbles for the warning...

DeletedAcc1821d ago

Get the fuck over and dont talk about tlou's ending polybitch!

Master-H1821d ago

Why discuss TLOU ending Polygon ? you gave it a 7.5, and gave Remember Me 8 i believe ? why not discuss Remember Me's ending then instead? oh i see... that won't grant you the hits you wish/fish for..


They 7.5ed it! Never forget.

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