The Best Games Of E3 2014?

ShortList Magazine: ''They were announced this year, we were teased with small glimpses of what might be, then they were cruelly taken away from us. But they'll be back next year, fighting for space and your pre-order money. Here are five of the best...''

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Thepharaoh1639d ago

Kameo 2 .Would so very epic it almost hurts

Kurt Russell1639d ago

Halo didn't even have a single element of gameplay... how could it be a best game if it hasn't even been concieved?

medman1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

You've got that right Mr. Russell. All I heard from a certain element was Quantum Break, Halo, and Sunset Overdrive. Not one minute of gameplay shown between them. Yet "fans" are salivating. And the "author" of this worthless article chose five games that are anticipated, but again, showed not one second of gameplay. Just goes to show how gullible some folks really are. The Division, on the other hand, showed something, and it was spectacular. As did Destiny, Infamous Second Son, Killzone, Watch Dogs, Metal Gear Solid V, and the Witcher 3. I even found something to like in TitanFall, even though I would not buy a multiplayer only title. But folks really need to stop awarding 'most impressive game of show' to vaporware.

Kurt Russell1638d ago

It's all about the Division! :D

BABY-JEDI1639d ago

If I'm honest. None.. Next gen will begin for me 6 months to 1 yr after launch. When we begin to see dev's really take advantage of the systems. Just like every gen previously. Still looking forward to KZ Shadowfall though.
; )

GentlemenRUs1639d ago

Not Halo... That died a long time ago!