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Submitted by dead_pixels 860d ago | news

Atlus Offers 3 Playstation 2 Classics For Dirt Cheap on PSN

Embattled studio Atlus has announced yet another excellent Playstation Store deal, slashing prices on some classic PS2 titles for gamers looking to get their JRPG fix for dirt cheap.

Starting today gamers can download the following titles for half price.. (Atlus, PS Vita, PS3)

Lovable  +   860d ago
Those are steal!!!
dead_pixels  +   860d ago
You're not kidding. For less than fifteen dollars you've got enough juicy gaming goodness there to keep you busy for months.
Donnieboi  +   860d ago
I have all 3 already, and trust me when i tell you guys that you'll be satisfied until years end. Those games are LONG. Your looking at about 400 hours of gameplay between all of them (assuming you want to complete them fully--especially Disgaea)
Inception  +   860d ago
Exactly! Those three game alone can make me busy for maybe a half year!

So people who want's to play high quality RPG's, grab your PSN card and buy Odin Sphere, P3 FES, and Disgaea 1 ASAP!

And Atlus fans, even if you already had those games, i think you should buy again one or maybe three of them so we can help Atlus a bit with their money problem. $15 are dirt cheap anyway :)
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   860d ago
I've never played any of these games, and from what you guys are saying about them, I'm going to have to get these ASAP. I love RPGs :)
dedicatedtogamers  +   859d ago
Odin Sphere (to get pumped up for Dragon's Crown).

Persona 3 (to get pumped up for Persona 5? *fingers crossed* )

And Disgaea Hour of Darkness (to get pumped up for Disgaea 4 Vita and Disgaea D2.

All three games are RPGs diamonds.
3-4-5  +   860d ago
Damn. I only have a PSP.

Both Persona & Disgaea are on PSN store for PSP but I'm not sure if these versions are the same or would could towards this discount.
user5575708  +   860d ago
no they def wont only the ps2 classic versions
dedicatedtogamers  +   859d ago
I don't think the PSP versions get discounted, but the PSP version of Disgaea is - by far - the best version of the game because it comes with a ton of extra content. Persona 3 PSP has a different menu system and some cutscenes were cut out, but the core gameplay is actually the best because it mimics Persona 4.
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A_Gamer  +   860d ago
This may be a stupid question but I ask anyway, are they vita compatble? I haven't had to chance to look it up for myself yet.
dead_pixels  +   860d ago
I'm not sure yet, I'll be hopping on my Vita to confirm soon though.
Patr33k  +   860d ago
Uhm most games that are psx/psp are compatible on vita so yes they are.
Rockefellow  +   860d ago
Of course not. Anyone who replied saying they are compatible should feel ashamed.
wishingW3L  +   860d ago
yeah, only PS1 games are compatible.
Patr33k  +   859d ago
Oh, i shouldve read that it is PS2. But i am correct that psx/psp games are compatible.
Rockefellow  +   859d ago
Yes, you are correct. But inserting unnecessary facts into things while getting the actual subject matter wrong is hardly impressive, friend.
Sephiroushin  +   860d ago
PS2 games are not compatible with PSV, so no they are not compatible.
A_Gamer  +   860d ago
Thank you for your reply. That's a shame though, it would have been nice to have those titles available to Vita owners.
PurpHerbison  +   859d ago
Any reason why the PSV can't play PS2 games? That just sounds silly.
grimmweisse  +   859d ago
Because the PSV wasn't built with ps2 emulation in mind. PSV plays Vita games, PSP games, certain PSN titles. It's hardly a priority to play ps2 games on it, the priory is more vita games!
A_Gamer  +   860d ago
Thanks for the replies :)
fsfsxii  +   860d ago
I bought P3 FES last week -__-
Eh, whatever, i'll get those games, i've always wanted to get into the Disgea series
wishingW3L  +   860d ago
I'm tempted but I already have those on PS2 and they all look exactly the same. Not even a single improvement with like trophies, graphics or something. =/
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Inception  +   860d ago
No shit sherlock, that's why they named it "PS2 Classic" and not "HD remaster", "HD port", or "HD remake". Because it's the same version from PS2 -_-
fsfsxii  +   860d ago
Do you read?? It says PS2 classics
wishingW3L  +   859d ago
I really don't understand the problem you guys have with my comment... You fanboys are sickening.

I'm just saying I'm tempted because of the price and because I'll be able to play them on PS3 but they offer nothing new like FF7 on Steam which has achievements. Who cares if they are PS2 Classics or not, that's not the point, you use your brain.
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grimmweisse  +   859d ago
It's not fanboyism, it's common sense. PS2 classics means, well ps2 games. The exact the same as the same old ps2 games.

FF7 on steam has achievements because its an updated version for the PC. If you want achievements and graphical improvements, those would be hd remakes. That's about it. Not all ps2 classic games will get that treatment, it takes time and money to do those enchantments.
GABRIEL1030  +   860d ago
Persona 4 the golden for 19.99 !
dead_pixels  +   860d ago
20 dollars should not be able to contain so much awesome.
Williamson  +   859d ago
After playing muramasa on the vita im leaning towards getting odin sphere. From what Ive been told they are pretty that true?
HardcoreGamer  +   859d ago
damn right. i played odin sphere and loved it sooo much
wishingW3L  +   859d ago
Odin's Sphere > Muramasa

Better gameplay, better story, better everything. You'll miss the wide-screen though.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   859d ago
Im getting Persona 3 FES it will be the first Persona game Ive ever played.
fsfsxii  +   859d ago
Prepare to be sucked in
andshesays  +   859d ago
ABSOLUTELY!! I can't believe this is out for so cheap, I had the game on ps2, and I loved it, but I never completed it but I have been itching to play it and finish it!

i hope they bring out Nocturne too, I was right near the end
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andshesays  +   859d ago
you will love it!
fsfsxii  +   859d ago
From what i heard, SMT Nocturne was really "da bomb" and a really good game, if they bring it over to the PSN i'll shit bricks
wishingW3L  +   859d ago
Nocturne is just a boring dungeon crawler like Baroque with cool character design. If you like those kind of games then good if not then you're gonna hate it with a passion because it's very boring indeed, it requires tons of grinding, level design is super archaic like, all the maps are very blocky and so generic you can't even tell them apart.
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tiffac008  +   859d ago
P3 Fes for $5! Buying now!!!
vork77  +   859d ago
i have all the games lol
andshesays  +   859d ago
yuuki  +   859d ago
its kinda sad that those offer dont come to europe..
PurpHerbison  +   859d ago
In there for Odin Sphere.
Sephiroushin  +   859d ago
Since I cannot reply you under the question you asked me above, I'll do it here
"Any reason why the PSV can't play PS2 games? That just sounds silly."

Well, the PS2 EE/GS is way different than the PSV CPU/GPU; It's not that easy to emulate a system with a different architecture; you need X thing to be ~5 times stronger than Y if you're thinking about barely emulating that Y.... It's like why PC can't still emulate PS3 even though PCs of today are way stronger than PS3. I do think that if Sony invest some time they can make an official PS2 emulator for the PSV, like they did with PSX for the PSP, but here is the detail the PSV won't be able to run every PS2 games because hardware limitations; not the same to run a port from ps3 than emulate a PS2 classic...
Maybe they are thinking about using Gaikai for that matter, but no one knows ...
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PurpHerbison  +   859d ago
PM me next time bro! Thanks for clarifying though.
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