SDCC 2013: Console Wars- Who Won the Show?

With the console wars being all the rage in the video game industry at the moment, each and every piece of information is vital. Xbox One is competing with the PlayStation 4 directly as Nintendo’s Wii U waits to make a major mark. This competition is one that is starting major feuds among the gaming population. After E3 rolled around over a month ago it seemed as if the console war between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo had a clear winner of the first round. A mass majority of people and press sided with the PS4 after these major showings because of its impressive display and promising potential. Now that Comic Con has come and gone it is the fans, the hundreds of thousands of fans that attended the shows, job to tell which console they felt put on the most impressive display.

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TheSuperior 1822d ago

I would hope for the best display from all of them at SDCC but honestly being that I was there i was less than impressed with gaming in general. It was almost not even there this year. I hopped for more from PS4 and Xbox One but also from Capcom and Activision. Ubisoft did amazing at making everyone feel good and so did Nintendo.

xHeavYx1822d ago

Sony and MS are obviously saving their best stuff for the next video game conventions, it is no surprise that they didn't have much going on at a comic convention

mewhy321822d ago

It sure did sound like this was a Nintendo win? The Wii U shouldn't be counted out just yet I think.

SheaHoff1822d ago

Wish I could've been there!

Einhert1822d ago

I take it you seen the leaked godzilla experience video?

Because well it won comic con for me.

krontaar1822d ago

Of course. My hype levels are off the charts after seeing that.

1822d ago
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