Quite Possibly The Slickest Battlefield 3 Montage Yet

This is how shooter montages should be made! The slow pace, the dramatic approach and the proper choice of music set this Battlefield 3 clip by jackfrag way above those boring skill-focused montages.

All the vehicles, takedowns and other cool stuff are in there, edited into a thrilling video.

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Gigaguy7771850d ago

The music is really off-putting, and this is all average footage too. Pace was interesting for sure however.

WeAreLegion1850d ago

Agreed. It would have worked for a short, dramatic trailer though.

Riderz13371850d ago

You should check out "Threatty" for some awesome BF3 montages! He makes the best ones.

CarlosX3601850d ago

The music fits into the montage. The flow of the montage and the music blends into each other.

This video almost makes me want to buy BF3, but I'm buying BF4 for PS4 instead.

zeroskie1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I don't really play FPS, but why would anyone choose COD over BF3? BF3 looks far superior. Honest response please.

WeAreLegion1850d ago

It beats it in all aspects except the story. Even then, Call of Duty hasn't had a good story since most of the original Infinity Ward left. I think DICE is the top dog, as far as multi-player is concerned. I'd say Lightbox because of Starhawk, but I think people would be upset, since no one else plays it. Lol.

iBlackyi1850d ago

Cod is crap. If you want a good FPs then play BF3. Well thats the honest response i can do.

Stallion1850d ago

Alright. Since no one is mature enough to give you an actual answer:
Some people like COD more because its a lot more fast paced. In Call of Duty you respawn, walk anywhere between 3-7 seconds and you have the opportunity to get a kill. Essentially, people like it because you can jump right back into the action. Its extremely fast paced.
On the contrary, Battlefield is a lot slower and more intimidating. When you respawn in Battlefield it could take 20+ seconds to find an enemy, and some people don't have the patience for that or they prefer the constant action of COD.
Not to mention, COD is a lot easier to play skill - wise so the fanbase is naturally larger.

zeroskie1849d ago

thanks for the real answer. bubble?

spaceg0st1850d ago

I'm open for all music, but that was a terrible cover!

theEx1Le1850d ago

I dont think this was meant to be a vid with epic skills and awesome kills. Just the stuff that makes BF3 what it is and for that its fantastic.