Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Goes The Way of Pokémon With Carbuncle Topaz and Emerald

In the Final Fantasy series the summon Carbuncle has almost always been greenish or blueish, but Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is going to change that, at least in part.

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Alexious1766d ago

Maybe the designer can't tell blue from red...

Abriael1766d ago

Nah, they're just implementing multiple versions with multiple roles.

Nevers1766d ago

Besides, variety is the spark of life.

Abriael1766d ago

The yellow one looks absolutely adorable anyway :D

I'm glad they're not just redoing the old stuff by the book.

ashiksorel1766d ago

There are always fans of the Carbunacles. Though their functions hopefully do some useful buffing of your characters.

Pain1766d ago

"hinting to the fact that Arcanists will have multiple Carbuncles to summon"

Derp!! Yoshi siad long ago.. Arcanist will have 2 kinds of Carby's to summon.. one tank oriented and one Magic.. so not really news more so finally showing the difference.

Abriael1766d ago

true that, thanks for reminding me :D

Oneirous1766d ago

Awww yeahhh, gotta catch 'em all poekeirrmaynes