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Fan Makes Kanye West-Inspired RPG Kanye Quest 3030

Kanye West 3030 is the browser game nobody has been asking for! thank to RPGMaker.net member Phenix he has his own game. The Kanye West-inspired RPG game entitled Kanye Quest 3030 is an 8-bit game with digital Kanye West being transported through a wormhole to the year 3030 (Browser Games, PC)

PSVita  +   633d ago
Lmao this is amazing lol
Kanzes  +   632d ago
joe90  +   632d ago
"I'm sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best Games of all time!"
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ATi_Elite  +   632d ago
another day another AAA PC Exclusive! (Needs a HD texture Pak Mod)
Mounce  +   632d ago
I think it should be named 'Kanye Qwest 3030'

Qwest/Quest! :D
Tejaneudys98  +   633d ago
I may do a review on this game its so weird
animegamingnerd  +   632d ago
screw the last of us, bioshock infinite, and GTA 5 kanye quest 3030 GOTY
Mr_Nuts  +   632d ago
Does this game have summons...because him summoning a gay fish would be hilarious :)
tigertron  +   632d ago
I'd summon this game to a landfill.
Heisenburger  +   632d ago
Hmmm well I DO like fish sticks...
animegamingnerd  +   632d ago
whelp someone had to make that south park reference
SeraphimBlade  +   632d ago
I feel terrible because I immediately thought of punny names to give a kid with the last name "Quest." Oh well:

High/Low (middle name: Level)
Talamak  +   632d ago
As long as it's more entertaining than Yeezus, I'm in...
HITMAN487  +   632d ago
Already Downloading it..
Tejaneudys98  +   632d ago
I'm in it by Kanye is the best song ever (NOT!)
Electric-flamingo  +   632d ago
I hate him.
wannabe gamer  +   632d ago
Do you get extra points for every Custom designed White T that sells?
from the beach  +   632d ago
"As a fan of Kanye West (with the exception of his latest album --"

Stopped reading
MrChicagoWind  +   632d ago
-Excuse me, I'm going to let you finish... but Kanye Quest is the greatest game of all time!
Saryk  +   632d ago
If I can rip the award from Taylor Swifts hands, then I am in!
GabrielKross  +   632d ago
I'm not a fan of Kanye, but this is pretty funny.

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