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From Microsoft's Xbox, a glimpse of the future of TV

For some, Nancy Tellem knows all the best secrets. Tellem is the president of Microsoft's Xbox Entertainment Studios, the division responsible for creating original programming for the company's popular games console. Like Netflix with House of Cards and YouTube with its various channels, Microsoft is planning to begin pumping out exclusive shows to device owners. And Tellem is at the helm. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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GameCents  +   268d ago
I actually find myself looking forward to this Kinect. The new and improved features sound way cool and I like the idea of SmartGlassing and Kinecting my entire home entertainment system.
"GameCents, this is the year 2025. Welcome. You’re the second one here"
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Kingthrash360  +   268d ago
how. much. will. it. cost.
because if its not free.....no thanks. I have enough bills
PSVita  +   268d ago
You'll probably need gold
zeal0us  +   268d ago
Don Mattrick: Can't pay the fee to access our TV features, tough luck get a converter box. Oh wait never mind I don't work here anymore. Back to cloning popular games and trying to stay afloat.
XboxFun  +   268d ago
The future is looking great. I can't wait until this gains some legs and takes off. May I suggest you guys partner up with DC and bring back great shows like Young Justice or Green Lanter:TAS. They would have a dedicated niche following with just those two shows alone.
Godmars290  +   268d ago
The "future" looks a lot like the present only with voice control.

And you have to pay for it.
XboxFun  +   268d ago
The future looks like more options and more great TV channel alternatives and the voice control is only the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what other ideas can come from this.

But for someone with short sightedness, cynical and unaccepting of change, of course you would only see the "present". You can always get the PS4 with the one controller and facebook options, that seems like a safe bet. You have to pay for that also.
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ape007  +   268d ago
cannot freakin wait to get my hands on xbox one and ps4
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GreenRanger  +   268d ago
Here's a glimpse of the future of gaming...

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Darth Gamer  +   268d ago
WOW dude, judging by your comment and avatar, I can only assume that you are around 12 years of age with no common sense. Yes, the PS4 will be wonderful, we all know it will. I can truly see each system coming down from heaven with Jesus riding on top of it, much like yourself.

Now, to the 2% of rational adults in the room, I can't wait for both systems to show what they have in store and look forward to enjoying games on both.
GreenRanger  +   268d ago
How did you know that I'm 12?

The truth is that I secretly use my parents' time machine when they're not around. (Shh! Don't tell them)

I use the time machine to go back twenty years so I can watch the Power Rangers. I wasn't around twenty years ago to have a favourite character from a TV show in that time period, you see.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to the launch of the Xbox 360 so I can experience what it was like when "rational adults" bought a console from a company that prioritised games on a game console (crazy, I know), and when that company didn't go back on ridiculous policies ONLY because they were getting crushed in pre-orders made by the aforementioned rational adults.

Well, I'm off! Bye bye, "dude".
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   268d ago
I'm a Sony guy first and foremost (I preordered the PS4 and will get an Xbox next year sometime), but I have to admit I like the ability to control my TV. Sort of. It requires a cable box, right? Why not just keep watching TV the way it is now? With a remote and stuff? (I'm answering my own question here: convenience) Pressing an input button isn't that hard. I'm not trying to bash the Xbox here, I'm just saying that if it doubled as a cable box through which service providers could utilize it, that would be more interesting and worth the money, in my opinion. Whenever I do get the Xbox, I know I'm gonna just sit there for the first few minutes saying "Xbox, on/off" to turn the entire TV on and off (something along the lines of that was announced, if I remember correctly). I think that's pretty cool. Can't wait to have both consoles on opposite sides of my TV. :)
cedaridge  +   268d ago
I Agree 1st I'm getting the PS4 than a year later the XB1.
rainslacker  +   268d ago
I think the feature is interesting. However, most crappy $20 universal remote have more functionality for controlling your Home Theater set up than the X1 does. Hell all the remotes that came with every device in my home theater set up will control every device in the loop(except my PS3), half of them controlling input set up on my receiver...something the X1 doesn't do, so you're still not free of the remote if you have a receiver, or any other device being input to your TV...such as a PS4.

If you want speech recognition, Some of the Logitech Harmony remotes offer that functionality, and give you complete control over all the devices in your set up. They can run upwards of $200 though. However they don't monitor your viewing habits and cater advertising to you.:)
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WhyHate  +   268d ago
^^ Clearly you fear the competition that the Xbox Won brings when you take the time to make lame post, and you rep the Green Ranger. That says it all by itself...
HammadTheBeast  +   268d ago
Xbox Huan
thebudgetgamer  +   268d ago
I will say the tv thing does look interesting, sadly I got rid of cable a long time ago and have no plans on going back.
Thomper  +   268d ago
If Microsoft get this right then this could be the future of television.... Or it could all go horribly wrong!
Red_Devilz  +   268d ago
Given how M$ has handled its products lately, (To name a few, Zune player, Windows vista, 7, 8, MS Surface, Windows Mobile, XBox in last few years specifically) I highly doubt M$ would get this one right. All they care right now is $$$$$$$$$ which gets them kicked in 'nads every time.

Fanboyism apart, tell me, which sensible consumer (I am not using word gamer here) would pay for XBox, and pay further for it's membership only to see F*king Doritos ad on their screen? MS has been taking their consumers (again, not limited to word gamers) too much for granted. Until that stops, and MS vows (through their action) to give sensible, responsible and respectful service to consumers, I will not trust these crooks.

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