UK government takes steps towards online censorship

PS3 Attitude: "On Monday, David Cameron announced that 95% of UK households will have online pornography and other adult content blocked by default. Here’s why that is really bad news for everyone."

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iamnsuperman1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

It will not pass. As far as I am aware Cameron needs the ISP support and I somehow doubt this will be made into a law. It is him just trying to win some popularity. However, I think it has really backfired and which is why it hasn't really come up since the birth of the new royal baby (another rant I will not inflict on you). If Cameron wants to be re-elected he needs to do other things than attacking porn. Quite frankly the whole argument can be squashed by the fact ISPs have means to do this already, antivirus software has parental control and it is just bad parenting to let children watch things by themselves. Babestation or Redhot40 is only a few channel hops away and they are not exactly child friendly on the menu screen

In conclusion. Video games have nothing to worry about

GameOn1817d ago

woah woah woah, the royal baby was born?
Thats news to me.
Hail to the king baby!

Drakesfortune1817d ago

Of all the god dam problems with this country....blocking porn is his priority. Bloody hate this country and what it has become.

There are plenty of ways to block porn as a parent to stop children from accessing it. Cameron, like many politicians is an idiot

GenericNameHere1817d ago

Why the hell would you block porn? It's a great way to relieve stress, you stupid corporate fat cats!! >:(

It's not hurting anybody. Plus, is porn such a huge issue? What about your financials? Are schools doig good in exams, are they having healthy school launches, etc? Sometimes, I agree with the Internet and think the congress IS run by monkeys hurdling feces at each other.

kydrice1817d ago

Just how much longer before they start sending out Tetragrammaton Clerics to burn artwork and kill puppies?

maniac761817d ago

Just as long as they dont ban synthectics again.which was a flop.lmao

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