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gamrReview's Xavier Griffiths: "Overall, Muramasa Rebirth is still a great game but not necessarily a great re-release. Not much has been added to this experience to make it worth checking out for anyone that has played the original. But if you have not experienced this game before then Muramasa Rebirth is one of the most satisfying Vita releases in a long time."

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TongkatAli1849d ago

Portability should give it another point or a .5 you can call it a re release cause the Wii version doesn't look like this game. This version looks more HD, gameplay content is exactly like the Wii version, but DLC is coming with 4 different characters and that DLC is a big deal to me.

It probably going to be a little pricey. Vanillaware is very talented, none of their games are a 8 to me.

sdozzo1849d ago

Portability? Then all Vita games should get an extra point because they are portable?

TongkatAli1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

The console ports should get a extra .5 or 1 if it translated to the handheld without any quality lost, especially if it looked better then the console version in which this case this does look better then the Wii version.

Williamson1849d ago

If you own a ps vita then you should buy this game. Its really fun with a great sountrack, gameplay, and the game just looks amazing on the Vita screen.

kingPoS1849d ago

The OST is timeless. the only problem is the hard time you'll have tracking down the physical CD's.