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The Gadget Show: ''Is this going to be the best PS4 launch title? We quiz the makers to find out...''

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mewhy321761d ago

This game is going to be amazing. I do wish that we could get some different footage to see though.

GiggMan1761d ago

I second that. I want new footage! Along with some multiplayer... Even though I know I'm going to buy it.

cpayne931761d ago

I think we'll see online gameplay at gamescom.

SIX1761d ago

YES! MP please! Some of my finest gaming moments belong to this franchise. Call me crazy but I want a map that is all out war with 60 vs 60.

avengers19781761d ago

I would like to see multiplayer, but I don't want to see much more of the game, already preordered it, I just want it to all be new to me when I play it.
Love the KILLZONE franchise and I'm glad it's early in the PS4 life cycle that we are getting a new one

MrDead1761d ago

I enjoy seeing different gamers play the same level as you can see how open it is and the variety of ways you can attack and navigate the zone.

cpayne931761d ago

Love how non linear the levels are. That along with the multiple objectives and the OWL make things a lot more interesting.

faysal1761d ago

looks amazing! cannot wait to explore more of killzone world. the scale on this game is insane.

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PeacePolice1761d ago

"Gameplay more than anything else"

AWESOME!!! That's what I wanted to hear, graphics are important, but nothing more than an extra for me. Can’t wait to try their revamped Killzone formula with Shadowfall!

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