Feast Your Eyes on a Whopping 35 Minutes of Dragon’s Crown Gameplay

Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown has just been released in Japan little more than an hour ago, and gameplay videos keep appearing to ease the wait of western fans that have to wait until August the 6th to play the game (or maybe to torture them a little further).

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Scatpants1817d ago

This will be fun on my Vita

FamilyGuy1817d ago

Damn, it really does look difficult. This guy isn't paying attention to the "tells" in the attack patterns though which would've helped in avoiding some of those hard hits in that Wyvern boss fight.

rextraordinaire1817d ago

I can't take any more information about this game. I need to play it. Now!

worldwidegaming1817d ago

Hope its a day 1 download! I dont get back until mid August!!