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Top 5 Xbox One Announcements We Want At Gamescom

GR:"Aside from the complete specs awaiting gamers under the hood, these are the five things we want to hear from Microsoft at Gamescom 2013. Held every year in Cologne, Germany, Gamescom is Europe's answer to E3, encompassing all walks of gaming and even opening its doors to the public. For many European gamers, it's the place to be.

"For Microsoft, it's time to get that messaging in check, drum up excitement for its products and partners, and drop a few pieces of good news." (Battlefield 4, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Microsoft, Xbox One)

Wedge19  +   512d ago
I hope gamescom brings a lot to the table honestly.
Kanzes  +   512d ago
Things I want from MS at Gamescom

1. Fable IV, Crackdown 3, Banjo-kazooie
2. Halo gameplay
3. Different build gameplay of DR3 and Ryse.
4. Kinect 2 demonstration
5. Cloud demonstration. So we can see it for ourselves if it's gonna be a REAL deal or a BS
6. Indie self-publish
7. New details about the outside of 21 launch country
adamandkate  +   512d ago
5. I can tell you now the whole cloud thing is BS. Dedicated servers take time to work. All they are is a glorified PC in a big room with a big internet connection. It takes time for that data to go from your home, to the datacenter, and back again. And that lag in transfer is one of the biggest problems, its not as fast as doing the number crunching on your console.

If its going to run AI or actual ingame things, theres going to be that lag. If you suffer a sudden internet slowdown, so will your game. Thats why its not going to happen.

All its going to be doing is data collection and matchmaking, distribute patches, that kinda thing. It is not going to revolutionise your gaming.

And its certainly not going to enhance things like graphics
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ape007  +   512d ago
amazing comment kanzes, well said
Eldyraen  +   512d ago
I agree with just about everything.

#1 is what I want most--on top of maybe a Kameo 2 and a few other old franchises returning.

After that maybe new IPs somewhat similar (Platform, Action, or RPG) if not a returning franchise. Shooters and racers are great and all but they make up about half or more of MS's most supported genres (and think they get a substantially larger part of the budget).

To be honest I don't see Halo gameplay coming till VGAs (its usual where MS does it now). I think we may see more of Black Tusks game though first which we know less of (as Halo is still Halo).

So much we can still see from everyone pre/post launch of new consoles.
dbjj12088  +   512d ago
A Banjo-Kazooie game announcement at Gamescom would be megaton-calibur.
abzdine  +   512d ago
I'll be at gamescom trying all the games. I'm so excited I can't wait for it to happen..
Loki86  +   512d ago
@adamandkate Sorry but you severely misinformed or don't have a clue what you are trying to say. Cloud computing is very possible and has several different uses beyond dedicated servers. I've typed this up so many times, I'll just let you do some more research.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   512d ago
"4. Multiplayer Dead Rising 3 Features 16 Players, Open-world Free-play, And Even More Zombies"

I don't disagree with that but hes asking allot. The games already bigger than Deadrising 1 and 2 combined seamless open world with no loading.

I am very interested in the Co Op mode but I don't know if Capcome will opt to 16 player open world, I mean here's hoping though.

"1. Xbox One's Solution For Indie Games."

A story once again popped up regarding Self publishing for X1. http://www.polygon.com/2013...
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TrendyGamers  +   512d ago
Sev  +   512d ago
TJ Combo!
dbjj12088  +   512d ago
mewhy32  +   512d ago
I think that the number one announcement would me that the kinect is NOT required and without it the cost would be 349.99. I'd get one then.
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Thomper  +   507d ago

Sadly all will will likely get is Thunder and a tease of the next character
ftwrthtx  +   512d ago
MS needs to announce something that will awe gamers. A new IP or a long awaited sequel might do it.
dbjj12088  +   512d ago
I don't think Xbox fans really want new IP so much as they want more information on the next Halo :P
Eldyraen  +   512d ago
New Halo info is killer and will move consoles but new IPs are what keeps things fresh. I am more than happy to wait for another Halo reveal if it means we get a new IP that is actually worth our time and money. After all we know Halo is coming.
doctorstrange  +   512d ago
Can't I have both?
acharlez  +   512d ago
I would love more Halo information!!!
ape007  +   512d ago
halo is halo and it will come next gen and better than ever

BUT what about crackdown? that game was amazing and very unappreciated, a next gen crackdown will be great and have loads of potential
dbjj12088  +   512d ago
What about a new Fusion Frenzy game?
insertcoin  +   512d ago
I just hope they plan out their booth space better. Their E3 booth was a claustrophobic cluster.
thecurseddevil  +   512d ago
number 1 : dont call it xbox 1.
dbjj12088  +   512d ago
Number 1: Don't make us buy a Kinect. We know it's bull sh**.
dmeador  +   512d ago
You should check out the tech behind it, and the potential (some new info that they released is a good start). You might be surprised
Wikkid666  +   512d ago
There is still so much info we need about the console and the dashboard.... let alone all the games.
Electric-flamingo  +   512d ago
All this nigga needs is a realease date
Dlacy13g  +   512d ago
Things I want from Xbox at gamescom:
1) clarity on Xbox Live Gold offering for Xbox One. whats it doing to compete with PSN+
2) A proper reveal of the Black Tusk game
3) Reveal the Lionhead game ... Fable 4?
4) More details on Quantum Break
5) Resolution on how indies will be handled
6) Details on headset issues...will there be an adaptor? How much will the "cheap" headset cost? Is there going to be a chat pad?
7) Racing wheel support... what racing wheels will be avaiable for use at launch
8) Additional games: 1st party, Indie, 3rd party... just show me some more. :)

and not on my must have but something I hope gets announced.... what is Epics next game for consoles & what happened to Fort Nite?
BattleTorn  +   512d ago
Good list.

Totally agree with #2,4,6. (especially #2)

#3 I'm not sure if we will see it yet, part of me thinks the Fable HD remake is going to delay us seeing what they're working on.

And I would love to see Fort Nite confirmed for X1
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Typical-Guy  +   512d ago
How about " kinect isn't required anymore" that would be better than anything else....
from the beach  +   512d ago
Dlacy13g  +   512d ago
You know I want to see a release date too...BUT given they already commited to November, I am actually ok with them holding that card back and letting Sony announce first on their date. Sony is going to have to narrow things down soon to retailers ... MS given they said November have a little more wiggle room left. Hell, MS could potentially hold release date until TGS if they really wanted to.
edonus  +   512d ago
All MS has to do to basically kill Sony is show a demonstration of the cloud working to enhance a game or something. It could even be a tech demo. All It has to do is show the slightest bump in performance especially graphics and that will basically rip the heart out of the Sony camp.

Sonys more powerful claim is a big thing that defines them. MS takes that away Ps4 becomes a 1 legged man in an ass kicking contest.

I say just show a simple game or scene. One running regular the other running with cloud enhancements. That would be a headshot.

MS has already shown great games great graphics great features now they just need to take some shots at Sony. Make them show something that is 50% more powerful that what we have seen.
BattleTorn  +   512d ago
True. All they need to do to demonstrate it is show one clip without partical effects, one with - and say that it's running 100% on the cloud, and that gives the developer more GPU power to work with. (if it all actually works)
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Kayant  +   512d ago
You do know Graphics is impossible for the cloud right... With current latceny and bandwidth issues of the internet it will take to long to process. The other things like Physics and AI like they talked about working is what needs to be shown.
edonus  +   512d ago
Two things.... actually three.

1) Whatever the local console doesnt have to process leaves local system power to improve graphics. So even if the cloud was not processing graphics the freed power would allow the console to to improve its graphic output.

2) The cloud computing can enhance graphics by doing the calculations for advanced graphic techniques like ray tracing and then send that data directly to the console for rendering.

3) There are more parts to games than just graphics. Look at Dead Rising 3, the cloud process the world with no pop in and populates it with tons of zombies with detailed anatomy. Filling the world with that much flesh would take a toll on regular architecture.

Since the goal isnt to process everything in realtime off of the cloud the latency and bandwidth are non issues.

Physics and AI are nice but they dont have the penetration of graphics. Its hard showing someone that this character is smarter than that character, or look at how this breaks compared to the way that on cracks. They can do it and it would help but if they want the headshot do a simple graphic jump demo. We know its early so any little boost it gives would suffice.
Kayant  +   512d ago
Agreed I wasn't looking at the bigger picture ;) it's a similar idea with the PS4 i guess using GPGPU to do some tasks without sacrificing graphics.
Thanks for the explanation.
BattleTorn  +   512d ago
I definitely feel like Dead Rising could get by with less than 16-player multiplayer - like 8, or even 4-6. (anything is multitudes better than the previous 2)
Also, show us Black Tusk.
Lucreto  +   512d ago
They are going to have to talk about TV again this time what to expect for European implementation. Since they only have an hour it will have to be brief.
acharlez  +   512d ago
We'll prob get a bit more info on Fable HD as well.
Plagasx  +   512d ago
What I want to see from Gamescom?

Proof that Kinect 2 is worthy of gamer's time.
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K1W1  +   512d ago
Banjo Kazooie!
That is all.

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