Top 5 Xbox One Announcements We Want At Gamescom

GR:"Aside from the complete specs awaiting gamers under the hood, these are the five things we want to hear from Microsoft at Gamescom 2013. Held every year in Cologne, Germany, Gamescom is Europe's answer to E3, encompassing all walks of gaming and even opening its doors to the public. For many European gamers, it's the place to be.

"For Microsoft, it's time to get that messaging in check, drum up excitement for its products and partners, and drop a few pieces of good news."

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Wedge191854d ago

I hope gamescom brings a lot to the table honestly.

Kanzes1854d ago

Things I want from MS at Gamescom

1. Fable IV, Crackdown 3, Banjo-kazooie
2. Halo gameplay
3. Different build gameplay of DR3 and Ryse.
4. Kinect 2 demonstration
5. Cloud demonstration. So we can see it for ourselves if it's gonna be a REAL deal or a BS
6. Indie self-publish
7. New details about the outside of 21 launch country

adamandkate1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

5. I can tell you now the whole cloud thing is BS. Dedicated servers take time to work. All they are is a glorified PC in a big room with a big internet connection. It takes time for that data to go from your home, to the datacenter, and back again. And that lag in transfer is one of the biggest problems, its not as fast as doing the number crunching on your console.

If its going to run AI or actual ingame things, theres going to be that lag. If you suffer a sudden internet slowdown, so will your game. Thats why its not going to happen.

All its going to be doing is data collection and matchmaking, distribute patches, that kinda thing. It is not going to revolutionise your gaming.

And its certainly not going to enhance things like graphics

ape0071854d ago

amazing comment kanzes, well said

Eldyraen1854d ago

I agree with just about everything.

#1 is what I want most--on top of maybe a Kameo 2 and a few other old franchises returning.

After that maybe new IPs somewhat similar (Platform, Action, or RPG) if not a returning franchise. Shooters and racers are great and all but they make up about half or more of MS's most supported genres (and think they get a substantially larger part of the budget).

To be honest I don't see Halo gameplay coming till VGAs (its usual where MS does it now). I think we may see more of Black Tusks game though first which we know less of (as Halo is still Halo).

So much we can still see from everyone pre/post launch of new consoles.

dbjj120881854d ago

A Banjo-Kazooie game announcement at Gamescom would be megaton-calibur.

abzdine1854d ago

I'll be at gamescom trying all the games. I'm so excited I can't wait for it to happen..

Loki861854d ago

@adamandkate Sorry but you severely misinformed or don't have a clue what you are trying to say. Cloud computing is very possible and has several different uses beyond dedicated servers. I've typed this up so many times, I'll just let you do some more research.

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AngelicIceDiamond1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

"4. Multiplayer Dead Rising 3 Features 16 Players, Open-world Free-play, And Even More Zombies"

I don't disagree with that but hes asking allot. The games already bigger than Deadrising 1 and 2 combined seamless open world with no loading.

I am very interested in the Co Op mode but I don't know if Capcome will opt to 16 player open world, I mean here's hoping though.

"1. Xbox One's Solution For Indie Games."

A story once again popped up regarding Self publishing for X1.

mewhy321854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

I think that the number one announcement would me that the kinect is NOT required and without it the cost would be 349.99. I'd get one then.

Thomper1849d ago


Sadly all will will likely get is Thunder and a tease of the next character

ftwrthtx1854d ago

MS needs to announce something that will awe gamers. A new IP or a long awaited sequel might do it.

dbjj120881854d ago

I don't think Xbox fans really want new IP so much as they want more information on the next Halo :P

Eldyraen1854d ago

New Halo info is killer and will move consoles but new IPs are what keeps things fresh. I am more than happy to wait for another Halo reveal if it means we get a new IP that is actually worth our time and money. After all we know Halo is coming.

acharlez1854d ago

I would love more Halo information!!!

ape0071854d ago

halo is halo and it will come next gen and better than ever

BUT what about crackdown? that game was amazing and very unappreciated, a next gen crackdown will be great and have loads of potential

dbjj120881854d ago

What about a new Fusion Frenzy game?

insertcoin1854d ago

I just hope they plan out their booth space better. Their E3 booth was a claustrophobic cluster.

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