GamerZines | Payday 2 Hands-On Preview - 'Pappa Gotta Get Paid'

GamerZines writes:

It isn’t success which defines memorable moments in co-op experiences, it’s actually near failure. Think about it. That time in Left 4 Dead 2 when you were moments away from jumping into the evac chopper atop Mercy Hospital only for a rampaging Tank to swipe your team-mates onto the hard ground below or that big boss mech fight in Borderlands 2 when you managed to revive yourself moments from wiping thanks to the boss spawning easy fodder into the world allowing your buddies to get back into the fight via an easy kill.

It’s these snatching victory from the jaws of defeat moments which make the effort of getting your mates together on one server completely worthwhile, and no co-op shooter has more of these moments than Payday 2.

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