The Original Saints Row IV Becomes DLC For Saints Row IV. What?

Enter The Dominatrix was going to be DLC for Saints Row The Third, but since it was turning out to be more of a game all by itself, they decided to hold off on it and rename it Saints Row IV. Plans changed again as Saints Row IV developed more and more into something completely new and different. I think that’s super cool, but I’m pretty ticked off that the game that was going to be known as SR4 is now DLC for SR4?

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nick3091849d ago

Money money money... Im sure most devs just cut a part of the game and use it for money, if they say they develop it, it's just to hide the truth.

pr0t0typeknuckles1849d ago

everybody is becoming Mr.Krabs

Lone_Man1849d ago

atleast krabby patties were awesome....

SilentNegotiator1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

At least we didn't get Saints Row ODST out of it and we'll probably get a decent sized DLC piece (as opposed to just super tiny DLC like SR3).

Master-H1849d ago

Yo dawg we heard you like DLC, so we put DLC inside your DLC lol

nick3091849d ago

Next gen: season pass for every season.

dcj05241849d ago

Wait. So the dlc for Saints Row 3 is now a game and now part of that dlc is dlc for dlc that was suppose to be in saints row 3. Mr.Krabs your a genius!

claud31849d ago

What a freaking dumb idea and yet people will buy it


aliengmr1848d ago

So they were working on an expansion, then took the basic premise of that and made a full game. Now they are going back to the original story of that expansion and are doing that as DLC.

Okay, big deal. Not sure what the issue is. Aside from expecting a developer to design a new engine while their publisher is filing for bankruptcy. That makes them greedy, somehow.

Content is content, if its lacking we'll know when its released. On PC it will have mod support, so I'll give them a pass.