TimeSplitters Co-Creator Doesn’t Think “There’s Any Chance” We’ll see TimeSplitters 4

PlayStation LifeStyle: ''We may not have had a new TimeSplitters game since Future Perfect back in 2005, but attention for the series is still quite high, with the 100,000 Strong for TimeSplitters 4 Facebook campaign at over 47,000 likes.''

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CaptainYesterday1822d ago

At least make a HD Collection see how it does then decide if there should be a TimeSplitters 4.

TrendyGamers1822d ago

Or at least put them in PS2 Classics with online MP.

Rockefellow1822d ago

...and it's been well below the 100,000 likes for months now. I was amongst those hopefully anticipating success for the Facebook group's mission, but if anyone thought it had a chance since so much time has rolled past after initiating, they're delusional.