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Muramasa Rebirth is not your typical 2D action game. Its gameplay relies on combos and quick reflexes, making it difficult to play if you’re unfamiliar with the original Wii game. Developer Villaniaware took this into consideration, though, and has included two difficulty modes – Legend and Chaos.

Like the original game, the game world is massive and contains branching paths that lead to dark caves, bamboo forests, and even towns that are thriving with townsfolk and item vendors. Since there is so much to explore, the game includes a comprehensive mapping system that keeps track of your location. When starting a new chapter, it’s important to purchase a map of the area from the town’s Traveling Peddler.

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FateoftheGame1674d ago

What a beautiful game. Glad to hear this port is solid.

sdozzo1674d ago

Really good review. Thanks for getting in depth with the blade mechanics etc.